Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Vibrators

OK, maybe not everything ... but here are 6 answers to your 6 most-burning vibrator questions.
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Vibrators

OK, maybe not everything … but here are 6 answers to your 6 most-burning vibrator questions.

-Amber Madison

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If masturbation is sex with someone you love, than using a vibrator is sex with someone you really, really, like. A lot. And like any intimate relationship, it’s likely that the one you have with your vibrator may have brought up some questions. I’m here to give you the answers …

These are the top 6 questions girls have about their vibrators:

1. How can I teach my guy to please me as well as my vibrator?

For most women, sexual intercourse alone isn’t enough to bring them to an orgasm. That’s because most positions don’t provide enough clitoral stimulation. The reason vibrators work so well is that they provide a lot of clitoral stimulation.

To get your guy to please you as well as your vibrator, teach him to pay more attention to your clitoris. That means using his fingers to rub you on the outside, not just the inside. That means more oral sex if he’s not down there a lot already (and hell, even if he is). And it means choosing sexual positions where your clitoris is getting enough attention. Get on top, and from there, you can position your pelvis so that your clitoris is rubbing against his pelvis. You can also choose positions where a hand can easily jump in there to help out (doggy style, spooning position, or reverse cowgirl).

2. What type of vibrator should I buy?

If you’re in the market for a vibrator, you have more options that if you were shopping for a new pair of jeans. Each vibrator will have different features and options you should consider in order to find the best fit.

The first thing to consider is what type of stimulation you’re looking for. There are rounder and flatter vibrators meant to stimulate the clitoris, longer rod vibrators that can be used on the clitoris or in the vagina, and vibrators like “the rabbit” that go in the vagina and stimulate the clitoris at the same time. From there, decide how big of a vibrator you want. Do you want something smaller and more discrete (possibly good if you’re a first time owner)? Or are you looking for something big that’s shaped like a penis or has many different gadgets and features (possibly better for a more seasoned pro)? Then, it’s just a matter of how much money you’re willing to spend and what color you want … and there you have it ladies, the vibrator that’s perfect for you!

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7 thoughts on “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Vibrators

  1. I bought my girlfriend a couple of vibrators, a mini, a normal and a rabbit.
    As she had never owned a vibrator before, I thought that she would use the normal and the mini (it’s waterproof so ideal in the shower or bath). But no. She went straight for the rabbit and I think the normal one is still on its first set of batteries.

  2. Agreed, vibrators are a really great toy to introduce with your partner! Once you both become comfortable with it, there are sooo many other fun things out there to play with as well!

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