Fabulous Election Day Drinks

Fun drinks to whip up on Election Day.

What’s for Dinner?

Election Day Drinks to Get You in the Mood

Drown your sorrows or toast to victory with these themed drinks

-Virginia Chin

Whether you’re hosting a party or watching the election results by yourself, here are a few drinks to get you in the mood.

The McHito

a McHito


A Muddler (or anything slender and sturdy for smashing the mint leaves and sugar on the bottom of the glass into each other with)
12-14 oz. Collins glass, or any standard glass
3-4 spearmint leaves
2 teaspoons of sugar
1 shot of white rum
Club Soda


1. Put 3-4 mint leaves, lime peels, and sugar in the bottom of the glass.
2. Muddle (mash these items together).
3. Fill Collins Glass with ice.
4. Pour a shot of white rum over the ice and swizzle everything together at the bottom of the glass.
5. Fill the remainder of the Collins glass with soda water.
6. Cut 1 lime slice and garnish on rim of glass.

Barack O’Bomber

Jagermeister and Red Bull


• ½ can Red Bull energy drink
• 2 oz. Jagermeister liqueur


1. Pour Red Bull and Jagermeister into glass
2. Garnish with a lime wedge on rim of glass

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