Hooking Up with My Coworker

A woman seeks advice as to why her office fling never called her back.


Coworker Hook-Up

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: There is a man who works for my company who is three years younger than me. Last Friday I was teasing him and he mentioned that his friend’s band was playing the following day at a bar, so my friend and I decided to go. We hung out with him over the course of the evening, and later he walked me back to the car before kissing me goodnight.

The next morning he called me up, and then came over around 12:30 p.m. to hang out. We talked, made out on the couch, and after returning home from taking my dog to the park we made out some more and I gave him a blow job. I told him it was OK for him to take off, because I know how guys work, but he decided to stay for another 25 minutes.

I thought we had a great time, but now it’s Monday and I haven’t even received a text message from him. Was he strictly after the oral sex? He is only 25, but being that young I assumed he would call back for more action.

Avery: It sounds like you’ve got something fun and exciting going on with a younger co-worker you’re into. Since he’s a guy and he’s young, you’re going to have to let him chase you down the next time. He obviously had fun with you the second day or he wouldn’t have come to hang out with you. Just remember, a 25-year-old guy is most likely just out to have fun, but it sounds like you are too. Just ignore him a bit and be sure not to pay attention to him at work and you’ll get his attention quick!

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