Infidelity: The Weekly Update!

The latest on all the sneaky hookups and sleazy girlfriends.
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Infidelity: The Weekly Update!

The latest on all the sneaky hookups and sleazy girlfriends.

-Jane Farrell

Jesse James

What with rumors of Tiger’s divorce, transcripts of Jesse James’ emails and accounts of Charlie Sheen’s hooker romps, a girl can get a bit confused by all the infidelity reports making the rounds. (What is the exact mistress count for Tiger, anyway?). No worries – we’re breaking it down for you!

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods. All eyes were on him last week as he returned to professional golf, but this week the buzz has been about his wife, Elin Nordegren, who flew in a private jet from Orlando to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she reportedly consulted with a divorce lawyer. Or not; we’re getting conflicting reports. Anyway, what’s for sure is that Tiger wasn’t on the flight with her. According to RadarOnline, the serial cheater took the kids on a family vacation. Since the story of Tiger’s infidelities came out in the open late last year, Elin’s had more than enough to aggravate her.  She’s had to put up with a series of mistresses and hookups who seemed to come forward daily (the latest count is 15, with one, Jaimee Grubb, arrested this week for driving with a suspended license). And she was angry that Tiger returned to professional golf sooner than he said he would. Elin wanted him to focus more on repairing his marriage. (How unreasonable!) Tiger’s response: He’s playing in two tournaments over the next few months.

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0 thoughts on “Infidelity: The Weekly Update!

  1. I was cheated on, it broke my heart and stomped all over my trust in him, he was doomed from then on.
    The humiliation turns to anger, anger leads to the ‘No More One Mores’, and eventually one walks away and never looks back.
    I’d like to add a poem I’ve carried around for years as a symbol of strength I wasn’t quite sure I had. Maybe you know someone who needs to be reassured, please pass it on.

    by Veronica Shoffstall

    After a while, you learn the subtle
    Between holding a hand and chaining
    a soul,
    And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning
    And company doesn’t mean security,
    And you begin to learn that kisses
    aren’t contracts
    And presents aren’t promises,
    And you begin to accept your defeats
    With your head up and your eyes
    With the grace of a woman, not the
    grief of a child,
    And learn to build all your roads on today
    Because tomorrow’s ground is too
    uncertain for plans,
    And futures have a way of falling
    down in midflight.
    And after a while, you learn
    That even sunshine burns if you get
    too much.
    So you plant your own garden and
    decorate your own soul,
    Instead of waiting for someone to
    bring you flowers.
    And you learn that you really can endure…
    That you really are strong
    And you really do have worth
    And you learn and learn…
    With every goodbye, you learn.

  2. LOVE the poem, Ruby! I too heard it a long time ago and I think it is inspirational.
    These guys are crazy. C’mon, cheating on classy, beautiful ladies like Sandra, Elin, and Garcelle? Too bad children are involved.
    I felt bad for Brooke when I heard they were engaged because he is a known cheater. Heidi Fleiss knows what she is talking about with him liking hookers!

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