Infidelity Rates Are Skyrocketing

A new survey shows that infidelity rates are on the rise.

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-Judy McGuire

couple having an argumentGetting people to cop to wrongdoing is never easy, which is why a new analysis of the General Social Survey is so shocking. According to researchers, infidelity rates are through the roof! 28 percent of  men over the age of 60 have copped to stepping out (up from 20 percent) while women’s rates have increased from five percent in 1991 to 15 percent today!

Though we ladies still lag behind men in the cheating department, that’s a significant increase. But researchers aren’t so sure it’s that we’re more likely to stray, or more likely to admit it. Dr. Helen Fisher, a professor of anthropology and the go-to person for any serious news story about relationships wonders, “Is it that men are bragging about it and women are lying to everybody including themselves?”

Whichever the case, American cheaters here only have to worry about hurt feelings and STDs; in South Korea, the courts just upheld a law that can send you to jail for your wandering ways.

Tell us: why do you think infidelity rates are on the rise?

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