L.A. Women vs. N.Y. Women

Betty's handy guide to a bi-coastal life - and the differences between New York women and California girls.

L.A. Women vs. N.Y. Women

Betty’s handy guide to a bi-coastal life – and the differences between New York women and California girls.

-Carrie Seim

Lauren Conrad Carrie Bradshaw

I hate to admit it, but I’m one of those people. Someone who refers to herself as “bicoastal.” (Actually, I prefer the term “bi-coastal-curious.” )

For the last year, I’ve been lucky enough to split my time between Los Angeles and New York. And while I’m incredibly fortunate to call both coasts home – my life isn’t quite as glam as it sounds. I have to scrimp and save for all those cross-continental flights. Which means clothes from Goodwill, dinner from a Jif jar and – horror of horrors – pedicures from my own bad self.

Still, this left coast / right coast lifestyle has afforded me an up-close look at some of the most fabulous women in our nation.

If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between New York women and California girls, allow me to explain … The Great Continental Divide.

  Los Angeles Bettys New York Bettys
Chow Time L.A. women eat lunch at 1:00 p.m. on the dot. It’s the midday witching hour, when agents shutter their offices and aspiring starlets rush to be discovered power lunching at Barneys or The Ivy. Dessert is a sin to be shunned at all costs. New York women eat brunch at 1:00 p.m. – or whenever they happen to roll out of bed after a wild night in the city that never sleeps. Quintessential New York ladies wouldn’t dare skip the big apple’s favorite meal. Dessert is a sin to be enjoyed at all costs.
Wanna Smoke? “No way! Do you know what smoking does to your skin? Smoking’s like – the opposite of Botox.” “No way! Unless I’m drinking. Or everyone else is. Or work sucked. Or it’s Tuesday … “
Signature Drink Green-tea-pomegranate-soy-chai-gluten-free-smoothie. Angelenas’ bodies are their temples – and those temples are gluten-free zones, damn it. The Cosmo, of course, made famous by Carrie Bradshaw and her cronies. Although a real Uptown Girl is more likely to be sipping a Gin Fizz or an Old Fashioned at one of New York’s secret speakeasies.
Signature Color White is the new turquoise is the new tie-dye. Black is the new black is the new black.
Dream Invite Beach party in the exclusive Malibu Colony. With any luck she might see Tom Hanks or Sting swimming by. Book party at Tina Brown’s swank pad. With any luck she might see Salman Rushdie noshing on a canapé.
Won’t Leave Home Without Her headshot and resume. And lip gloss. Her Ivy League credentials. And lip gloss.
Twittering About Sitting next to Ryan Reynolds in traffic on the 405. Sitting next to the Naked Cowboy on the lawn chairs of Times Square.
Go-To Date Outfit California women not only have good genes, they’ve got great jeans. The de rigueur dating ensemble includes designer dungarees, a sexy low-cut top and slides. Come to think of it, that’s the de rigueur ensemble any day of the week in SoCal. New York women aren’t afraid to flaunt their fashion capital, modeling glamorous dresses, skirts and tights on even the bitterest days of winter. The only time they’d dare sport “beach casual” is during a summer vacay in the Hamptons, and even those madras seem to have a certain je nes se quois.
Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Wearing Fur. Or Gossip Girl headbands. But silicone is always in. Silicone. Or 90210 spray tans. But diamonds are always in.
Form-Meets-Function Fashion Accessory A Smart Car. A smartly appointed Coach tote.
Beauty Steal L.A. ladies are lucky enough to have access to chic mani-pedis on the cheap. A mere $20 covers their fingers and their tootsies. It’s a deal they nail at least once a week. New York women know the secret to looking gorgeous is surrounding yourself with beauty. And with bodega bouquets costing only a few bucks, N.Y. ladies are known to treat themselves to Friday night flowers.
Wants to Date The star of this summer’s blockbuster. The star of this week’s New Yorker.
Is Actually Dating A waiter at IHOP. A laid-off I-Banker.
Get in Shape Girl L.A. women keep their bodacious bods bathing suit ready at Sheila Kelley’s S Factor pole dancing class. N.Y. ladies fly through the air with the greatest of ease – and the greatest of abs – at the Trapeze School of New York.
“Down There” Grooming A Brazilian (a.k.a. “the porn star”). A Brazilian (a.k.a. “the socialite”).
Playing on her iPod. Anything goes – from Wilco to Willie Nelson, Neko Case to Ice Cube, Black Keys to Black Eyed Peas. The ladies have it – from Regina Spektor to Adele to Lady Gaga.
Met her BFF Working as extras together on the set of General Hospital. Working hours on a tough case, or a tough fashion shoot.
Can’t Stop Talking About Her new reel. Her new blog.
Dating Cliché She Realizes is Kinda True Hollywood’s infamous casting couch scene. Wall Street’s infamous “bottles and models” scene.
Guilty Pleasure Sharing a Pinkberry with the pool boy she’s been “seeing.” Sharing a Tasti D-lite with the FedEx guy she’s been “f***ing.”

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