Mean Betty on Celebrity Romance

From Jon and Kate to Khloe and Lamar ... Mean Betty on the moving power of true love.
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Mean Betty on Celebrity Romance

From Jon and Kate to Khloe and Lamar … Mean Betty on the moving power of true love.

-Mean Betty

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Sigh. The cockles of Mean Betty’s heart are just warmed more and more with the passing days. Such a touching assortment of celebrity relationship news currently, wouldn’t you agree, pets? There’s Whitney Port’s fake boyfriend (who, alas, failed to tell his real girlfriend he was being cast as a love interest on the “reality” show). Then of course there are the ever-fascinating antics of Jon and Kate — will Kate will cave and grant Jon his stay of execution? Romantics the world over wait with bated breath.

And now, it turns out – gasp! – that the “wedding” of Khloe Kardashian and LA Laker Lamar Odom was … totally bogus, non-legal, and scripted! Let us all now faint with shock. has posted audio from the “ceremony” complete with script discussions and walkie-talkie chatter (and doesn’t every girl just dream of walking down the aisle to the static and buzz of walkie-talkies?)

Huffington Post reports: “In the audio, the producers are heard debating a line from the wedding script, specifically when during the festivities Khloe should tell her stepdad Bruce Jenner that she considers him her real dad. Biological dad Robert Kardashian died in 2003.”

So touching. A truly heartfelt moment that must have been.

Of course, the lovebirds are defending the “reality” of their “wedding” – insisting that we just don’t understand, not being on the “inside” and all. “It’s crazy how perception works in America when you’re looking at things from the outside,” Odom, 29, told reporters at a press conference at the Lakers media day Wednesday.

Yes, isn’t it just CRAZY, Lamar? Of course, Mean Betty is sure that you and Khloe, soul mates that you are, will live together in marital bliss until your dying days, but we must understand the rest of the world might be a tad skeptical, considering you had a script, were being filmed by television cameras, had no legal paperwork (those pesky pre-nups!) and – oh – aren’t actually legally married. Plus there’s that little fact that E! paid for the wedding – most likely as a way to guarantee a spin-off newlywed “reality” show. Details, details!

Isn’t young love just so romantic?

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