Mean Betty on Tiger Woods and President Obama

The President took a break from his schedule to give the golfer some advice.

Mean Betty on Tiger Woods and President Obama

The President took a break from his schedule to give the golfer some advice.

-Mean Betty

Tiger Woods

Guess what Mean Betty found out over the weekend, kittens? Well, here’s the scoop: It wasn’t only Nike and Mamma Woods who stood by Tiger during his recent hour of need.

According to Golf Digest, Tiger the Tomcat also has received some very high- powered comfort and understanding.

Reporter James Diaz explains, “Woods has not lost the support of his intimates.” But, they are not the intimates you might guess. No, it is not the assorted hookers, waitresses, porn stars, and Gloria Allred clients who have been phoning up the golf great at rehab and offering a shoulder or some other bodily part to cry on.

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Rather, “President Obama … made a personal call to offer encouragement. So did Bill Clinton, whose experience might be particularly instructive.”

Tiger Woods and Barack Obama

So the President of the United States who, concerned citizen Mean Betty thinks, ought to have a schedule filled to overflowing solving the economic crisis, getting the health care bill through Congress, and handling the threat from Iran still managed to take time to chat up the world’s most famous unfaithful husband? Wonder if Michelle knew he was doing that? Bet she didn’t think it was the smartest idea.

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And after moderating his health care summit the other day, which, sad to say, seems to have accomplished absolutely nothing, hope the Prez didn’t offer to mediate between Tiger and Elin. Tiger just might have turned him down.

Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton

And as for Bill Clinton, well, the Horndog-In-Chief was famous for saying “I feel your pain” and in this case, so true, so true. Bet he only made that call when Hillary was not only out of the room but out of the country. Hey, maybe he suggested to Tiger that the best way to make Elin stand by her man, forgive and forget is to have her run for office. It sure worked for him!

So, yes, boys will be boys and stand up for each other. But it kind of makes you wonder if a woman were president would she ever think of making such a call??


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Tiger Woods and President Obama

  1. Probably not because women don’t stick together like man do. Perhaps there is something to learn about compassion here. Regardless of the situation we are all human and we all make mistakes.

  2. A mistake is one time, but he cheated with something like 10 different women. He’s a dog. Would you have compassion if that was your husband? That doesn’t take away from what a great golfer he is though…totally separate.

  3. The White House denied that our Smoker-in-Chief called Tiger Woods. Obama wrote off his friends Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright when they became liabilities to him, so it seems unlikely that he would call Tiger.

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