Meg Whitman To Run for Governor of California

Meg Whitman will announce on Monday that she intends to run for governor of California.


Meg Whitman To Run for Governor of California

Former eBay CEO seeks Republican nomination

-The Betty Editors

Meg WhitmanMeg Whitman will announce on Monday that she intends to run for governor of California. The announcement will be made on her web site. 

Deborah Perry Piscione, CEO of, talked with Whitman over the weekend about her plans. “She realizes her greatest strength is her knowledge of the economy and her strong business background,” Piscione said. “She is very realistic and down-to-earth. She wants to help in practical ways to solve the problems real people are having right now.”

Whitman, 52, the former CEO of eBay, has become increasingly involved in Republican politics. At first a supporter of Mitt Romney during the primaries, she was national co-chair of John McCain’s presidential campaign. She spoke at the Republican Convention, and Senator McCain mentioned her as a possible Secretary of the Treasury.

Whitman has been repeatedly ranked as one of the most important people in the world by Time magazine. She joined eBay in 1998 as president when there were only thirty employees. Whitman’s low-key and collaborative management style has been credited in helping the online marketplace grow faster in its first decade than any other enterprise in the history of capitalism. According to Forbes magazine, in 2007 her personal fortune was estimated at $1.4 billion. In preparation for her run, Whitman has recently resigned from the boards of eBay, Proctor & Gamble, and DreamWorks.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is barred from running for a third term in 2010 by term limits. He served more than half of former Governor Gray Davis’ term after Davis was recalled in 2003, which counts as a full term under the term-limit law. There has been some recent discussion by California legislators about changing the law.

Whitman, a moderate, who could fund her own campaign, is considered potentially a strong candidate. But she has rivals. Another anticipated GOP gubernatorial candidate, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, is also a billionaire from Silicon Valley. But Whitman, like Poizner, could face a difficult Republican primary against a conservative candidate, such as Congressman Tom McClintock.

Whitman is married to Dr. Griffith R. Harsh IV, a neurosurgeon, and has two college-age sons. “She really has been an exceptional role model for women throughout her career, successfully balancing family and work,” Piscione said.”Obviously, she is up to the challenge of California politics.”

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0 thoughts on “Meg Whitman To Run for Governor of California

  1. Re #2: Is your point that Whitman is too conservative to be considered moderate? Too liberal?

    I don’t think that Rep. McClintock will run for governor in the next election ….

  2. I am a self-proclaimed feminist since my college days and I love my Female Senators but NO to Meg.
    Spare me a CEO Governor! We;ve had the
    “CEO President” and then became the
    War President and he ruined us.
    More sensible politicians are needed!

  3. I say “GO MEG!” First, I would love to see a woman as governor of California. Second, sorry Morago, but neither the actor Governor (Schwarznegger) or career politician governor (Davis) did anything for California. I believe with her proven track record of CEO success, Meg could turn this ship around!

  4. Before everyone gets all excited about this possibility, make sure you understand that it is, and always has been, ALL about money for Meg – everywhere. Should she run, and should you decide to contribute to her campaign, make sure you open a PayPal account and keep it active. It will be the easiest way to transfer funds into Meg’s pocket, um…. er…..campaign. She NEVER made a move in ANY direction that did not result in skimming SOME percentage off the top. And if you want to use eBay as a point of reference for success, and, perhaps as a justification for her ability to be a good governor, there has never been a company that has made more money, AND been held LESS accountable for the dishonesty, misrepresentation and scamming behavior that takes place within their business model. I can see Meg’s campaign slogan now – “Meg Whitman – A Governor Whose Experience You Can Depend On – BUY IT NOW!”

  5. What I really like about Meg Whitman is that she is REFRESHING – not because she is a woman, but because she is SO down to earth. People at E-BAY love her, and it is her management style that truly connects we people.

    To the comment above, WHAT is wrong with MEG WHITMAN wanting to make some money??? Yes, she is rich…yes, she can finanace her own campaign, BUT isn’t that what we want in political leadership – someone who has built something in an innovative economy, and was amazingly successful???

    Once again, I just wonder if we would be having this conversation if she were a MAN!

  6. Ebay DID NOT and DOES NOT grow our economy. It is like a garage sale ~ selling used items. If we just want to exchange used goods to each other then Meg is your woman.

  7. Oh please, Deborah! Let’s not taint the debate with these tired, old gender-related issues! I would hope that most people have grown beyond that stratum of evaluatory paralysis! Who cares if the next governor is a man OR a woman?

    There is NOTHING wrong with ANYONE wanting to make money; the fact that Whitman is rich is as irrelevant as her gender. But I strongly suggest that anyone who evaluates Whitman take into account that eBay has always allowed, and still continues to allow, fraud, misrepresentation, endless scams and inauthenticity in the items it presents, all the while claiming it cannot do anything to eliminate or govern this dishonesty. Yet it continues to make huge sums of money off this type of business model.

    Whitman may be loved by her former eBay employees, and she may have a “feel-good” management style, but if she could not govern the crooks who pollute the eBay process (under the auspices of being an auction venue – remember REAL auction houses VET their items for authenticity!), then I doubt she can govern California.

    It’s not the dollars in the bank or the dollars in her pantsuit that matter. It’s what she allowed to continue in order to put them there. It would not be too far-fetched to call it “sub-prime auctioning.”

  8. Ponder This – it’s called “buyer beware” and it holds for any and all types of buying, selling and auctions. Sounds like maybe you got burned on eBay… for the rest of us, eBay is an awesome business, an amazing place to get a great deal, and a truly innovative and inspiring case study for Web success – all spear-headed by the business savvy and people leadership of Meg Whitman.

  9. #8 – “Ebay DID NOT and DOES NOT grow our economy. It is like a garage sale ~ selling used items.”

    So what? eBay provides a service. UPS provides a service. What is your objection to that? How does that prove that Meg Whitman wouldn’t be an effective governor? I’m waiting to find out her views on illegal immigration, but I’m impressed with what I know about her so far.

  10. Please spare Calif. from having Meg as Governor. Since she has been involved with
    Ebay, it has gone downhill.

    All one has to do is to look at the number of Sellers that have left Ebay within the past number of years. Ebay is floundering because Ebay has been continually deceptive to their Sellers and Buyers. Paypal (owned by Ebay) is the same… Check out and read what Ebay Sellers have to say about how many time they have been ripped off by Paypal. Deceptive practices galore…

    I have a feeling that the S_ _ _ will hit the fan, once former Ebay users hear that Meg is running for Governor.

    She is not For The People, she is all about making money off the backs of the little guy… Ex: Raising seller’s fees, but telling them that she is in actuality lowering their fees. The list is endless…

  11. Whitman has a proven record of successfully building a business from scratch and is the right person to help with California’s $42 billion budget shortfall, massive job loss and catastrophic foreclosure. Why would anyone trust anymore politician with empty messages of “hope” and “change” or “love”? Her business background is what California urgently needs – now more than ever – to fix our crumbling economy. It is the private sector that has the discipline to force changes and create jobs, whereas the government just spend, spend, and spend…

  12. I just read that Meg Whitman has decided that she will run for Governor of CA. Let me tell you what she did while she was at eBay. Every time their profits would begin to dip she would raise fees on the sellers. Then she would raise fees and provide fewer services. Then she had eBay buy PayPal to falsely bring up eBay’s profits. Not to be outdone, when eBay began to dip even further, she changed eBay regulations to the extent that sellers were no longer allowed to use other services for payment and could only use PayPal. She never did help eBay grow, all she did was regulate and raise fees.

    What happened as a result of what she did? eBay is now in a downward spiral concerning profits. Why? Because the sellers finally had enough and left for other selling venues. Currently eBay is offering all sorts of little “perks” to entice sellers to stay but there is such a bad taste in their mouths that they are still leaving in droves.

    If the people of CA want a governor who handles a budget shortfall by raising taxes and cutting services, then Meg Whitman is your gal. She’s a smart woman. She resigned from eBay just before it began to fall apart. Just as the stock prices began to dip. She didn’t want her hands dirtied by what she had done to a once flourishing company because she knew she had political goals.

    Interesting…huh? How do I know these things? Because I have sold on eBay for the past 8 years.

  13. Meg Whitman wants to solve the problems real people have?
    Witman grew up as a privileged child attended Ivy League universitys, married a Stanford trained neurosurgeon, and was the CEO of an internet company. Where in any part of her life has Whitman had, even the slightest opportunity, to be exposed to real people and their problems much less to understand them?
    Where is any mention of involvement in even the upscale community of Palo Alto, the parents association at her children’s school, any time actually spent raising her children, and I mean beyond communicating with the household help? Does she think real women have brain surgeon husbands who are prepared to take primary responsibility for bringing up the children?
    I’m sure in her own limited way she is well intentioned , but you can’t swim only in the elitist of pools for your entire life and then try to pass yourself off as a woman of the people. I think the first thing Meg should do is fire the high priced campaign staff she has hired and find somebody to package her as what she is instead of trying to sell her as every woman. Ms. Whitman can’t be as intelligent as her publicist asserts if she has bought into this strategy!

  14. As a woman, I can say gender does not matter to me. However, as a seller and buyer on eBay for many years, the LAST person I would vote for would be Meg Whitman. Ebay was deceitful, manipulative, greedy and authoritative in their practices under her leadership, with no oversight nor feedback allowed. Then there is the Paypal issue and the conflict of interest fiasco. It would be a sad day for Californians to have her at the helm.

  15. All you have to do is visit Paypal sucks dot come to see what Meg has been part of… Ebay owns Paypal.

    Also, so many sellers and buyers have left Ebay because of all of the deceptive and dishonest practices Ebay has indulged in for profit. Ebay doesn’t care anymore about the sellers or buyers, as it’s all about the bottom line. Feebay also deletes negative feedback for the sellers that make them the most money. Read auctionbytes dot com’s newsletter, and the comments by Ebay sellers and buyers.

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