Question of the Day: What's with Michelle Obama's Dress?

We're not really sure it works....

Question of the Day: What’s with Michelle Obama’s Dress?

We’re not really sure it works…

-The Bettys

Michelle Obama

Question of the Day:

Why did Michelle Obama wear a summer sundress on her arrival in Mexico?

A. To show off those super-buff arms.

B. To make sure she was offered a margarita on arrival.

C. To prove once again that Hillary’s pantsuits are so last decade.

What do you think? Was Michelle’s fashion choice a hit or a miss?

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0 thoughts on “Question of the Day: What's with Michelle Obama's Dress?

  1. pepper56 says:

    Just because she is the First Lady doesn’t mean she can’t wear cute, flirty clothing. There is nothing wrong with what she is wearing, a far as I am concerned,

  2. Candice says:

    I love the look; I think she looks comfy and stylish

  3. kitty says:

    I love it too — she always looks great!

  4. cremebrulee67 says:

    the dress is cute, but maybe some different shoes

  5. maryme says:

    i agree…i like the dress as well..Shoes, not so much..perfect dress for mexico.

  6. JackBQuik says:

    The dress is a hit. She looks good. Now the shoes are a different story. They look red. Blue or White would have set that outfit off.

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