Sarah Palin Has Lots of Money Now

The biggest star in politics is worth $12 million.

Sarah Palin Has Lots of Money Now

The biggest star in politics is worth $12 million.

-Jane Farrell

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin may talk a lot about the ordinary people of the U.S., but right now there’s a big gulf between her and them – a $12 million gulf, to be exact.

According to New York magazine, Palin had more than $500,000 in legal bills stemming from investigations of possible ethics violations, and her decision to resign as governor of Alaska in July 2009 was likely prompted by nothing more mysterious than the need to get out of debt, and make some money for herself and her family.

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Since then, her personal magnetism, and her appeal to an audience who believes it is a minority in the America of President Barack Obama, has led to some staggering figures: Her memoir Going Rogue sold 2.2 million copies, and she’s planning another book. Earlier this year, she became a contributor to Fox News to the tune of $1 million per year, for three years, and her TLC series about Alaska will net her $250,000 for each of eight episodes.

And she commands $100,000 for every speech she makes – the same figure earned by former President George W. Bush. Her scheduled audiences include the Daytona Chamber of Commerce and the Sierra- Cascade Logging Conference.

Among the people who can take credit for the sophisticated marketing campaign that turned Palin into a conservative superstar: Bob Barnett, the Washington attorney and literary agent whose clients have included Bill and Hillary Clinton—and Barack Obama.

As for what Palin is doing with her new wealth (aside from paying off her legal bills), New York reports that there’s a new Escalade in the driveway, as well as a Dodge Ram pickup (for her daughter Bristol). A 6,000 square foot house is going up next door, complete with an apartment for her son Track, who is stationed in Iraq, and another one for Bristol. Palin’s own office, which will be part of the house, includes custom woodwork and windows with panoramic views of Alaska’s mountains.

No word on whether she can see Russia from her new vantage point. (New York Magazine)

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