Sarah Palin Can't Stay Out of the News

Sarah Palin can't stay out of the news, thanks to Levi Johnson and Todd Palin's sister.


Sarah Palin Can’t Stay Out of the News

Levi’s press tour and modeling ambitions, and more

-April Daniels Hussar

Sarah PalinEx-VP hopeful (and future presidential candidate?) Sarah Palin has been making headlines all week as her family woes threaten to outshine even her Campaign-Clothing-Gate! Of course it started over the weekend, as news spread about Bristol Palin‘s baby daddy Levi Johnston‘s impending appearance on the Tyra Banks show. Apparently no one ever told him it’s not nice to kiss and tell. Having underage, unprotected sex and telling is even worse. Predictably (and understandably), Levi evoked the ire of Mama Bear Palin, who released a blistering statement condemning his gab-fest with Tyra.

Read all about Levi Johnston’s appearance on Tyra and Sarah Palin’s reaction.

Of course, there was also the little tidbit about Todd Palin‘s sister-in-law being arrested for burglarizing the same house, twice. Sigh. Whoever said you can’t pick your relatives … ain’t that the truth Sarah?

But the fun doesn’t stop there!

Far from being cowed by his ex-future-mother-in-law’s condemnation of his Tyra appearance, Levi Johnston has taken himself on a full-fledged press tour. He swung by The Early Show yesterday with mom and sister Mercede in tow, to discuss the “Palin Family Feud.”

(I’ll tell you one thing–Sarah Palin is not someone I’d want to be in a family feud with.)

Highlights from that segment:

• Levi says the biggest misconception about his family is that “it’s white trash.”

• Levi confirms that Sarah Palin is lying when she denies Levi lived with the Palin family (and was obviously “intimate” with her daughter, you know, seeing as how they shared beds and all). According to Levi, Sarah Palin can call it “staying” there if she wants, but all his stuff was there and he slept there every night.

Mercede calls the Palins “snobs” and says they “started it all” by parading Levi out on the public stage during the campaign.

Sherri Johnston, Levi’s mother, gets teary, and says it’s “very devastating” to see her son go through this. (Hi Mom!)

• Levi’s plans for the future: to either be an electrician like everyone else in his family OR MAYBE BE A MODEL OR ACTOR.

Of course, Sarah Palin has other things to worry about aside from her family troubles. She is, after all, Governor of the state right next to Russia.

Where did Sarah Palin’s campaign clothes go? Mean Betty has a few ideas …

A group has recently formed to help Sarah Palin pay her legal bills (see: Troopergate), but apparently Sarah Palin herself is not condoning the group, nor can she actually accept any money from them. Politics is confusing.

Meanwhile, the equally suddenly high-profile Meghan McCain (nothing catapults a girl into the spotlight like being called fat by a skinny bitch) still refuses to comment on Sarah Palin. “Maverick daughter” McCain appeared on CNN’s No Bias, No Bull last night, and when reporter Roland Martin asked her if she would support a Palin 2012 ticket, she replied:

“I honestly don’t think that’s a relevant question. I have to find out who is running in 2012, I mean, what – there’s broad personalities that happen. And it’s four years from now. A lot of things can happen. A lot of things can change.”

Even more telling, when Roland asked McCain if she could “conceivably” vote for Palin, Meghan replied:

“I don’t know … I have to see who else is on the table.”

So, in other words — no freakin’ way–not now, not ever!

A final thought (speaking of tables) – hopefully a taxidermied Levi Johnston won’t be on any tables anytime soon. If I were he I’d watch my back!

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0 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Can't Stay Out of the News

  1. Ok, WHAT was Levi thinking? As if Sarah wouldn’t hear about his little chat with Tyra. I would definitely be running for the hills if I were him!

  2. Here’s a thought – the media literally crucified this lady. Why not print something about her that is not so biased? She was a friend of mine in Alaska for 11 years and not once did she talk down anyone, act stupid or frivilous, or appear in any way, shape or form anything like the media pegged her. Come on, try to differenciate between a pig wanting some exposure for his alleged future as a model (right – my daughter and son are models, he’s…um…not the type)and a female governor who is one ballsy honest lady. And for your info, most of women in Alaska, outside of Anchorage anyway, hunt and shoot animals and actually eat them.

  3. The Palin’s are like a trainwreck waiting to happen! And She shouldn’t be calling the father of her grandson white trash, that’s calling the kettle black!

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