Sex after the Second Date

A woman asks what men think of women who will have sex after the second date.


Sleeping Together

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: If you have great chemistry with a man and you decide to sleep with him on the second date, what will the guy think of you?

Matt: I believe the quicker things start, the quicker things end. Most guys actually like at least a bit of the chase – some challenge. That’s not to say that he’s not interested in you (or will lose interest now), but my suggestion is to make him work for it. To some degree, he probably thinks you’re pretty easy.

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0 thoughts on “Sex after the Second Date

  1. As a guy, I say that sex on the first-date or the fiftieth makes no difference to how I feel about a girl.
    It is not about counting meetings, but about enjoying the situation. If it feels right from the start – as long as you are confident about the person’s sexual health – then go for it.
    If he thinks anything less of you afterwards it is because he is suffering from a severe case of immaturity.

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