Sexting Do's and Don'ts

Inspired by Tiger Woods, here are some handy guidelines to follow before you hit Send.

Sexting Do’s and Don’ts

Inspired by Tiger Woods, here are some handy guidelines to follow before you hit Send.

-Carrie Seim


The revelation of Tiger Wood’s alleged sexts to his mistress(es) might have everyone afraid to go near their cell phones, but, if you’re of age and feeling brave, here are BettyConfidential’s Sexting Dos and Don’ts:

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1. Do start slow.
Sexting should begin gingerly. As with real-life foreplay, start casually – a caress here, a nibble there – and tease him toward the main event. The opening line, “I had a dream about you last night…” sets the sexting stage nicely.

And save something for your real-life rendezvous. If you go too far too fast on text, you’ll hit the bottom of your bag of tricks before you’ve even swapped spit.

2. Don’t be afraid to get the party started.
No need to wait for the fellows to start the sexting. Be a text message minx and send him a naughty note first. If you’re looking for a power play in your relationship, this is it. Guys can’t resist a girl who knows what she wants in the bedroom … and on her BlackBerry.

3. Do choose someone you trust.
Always assume the worst in people when it comes to sexting. (How many sexting scandals involving politicians, pro athletes and High School Musical stars will it take to convince you that this stuff always gets out?)

Unless you truly, truly, truly trust the guy you’re sexting, you can bet he’ll share that sexy shot of your lady parts with his buddies, and I promise you – LAUGHTER WILL ENSUE.

If you start sexting someone you barely know, you risk giving up too much power too quickly. Why buy the cow when they’re getting the sext for free?

4. Don’t sext twice in a row.
Don’t be a double sexter. (See Jamiee Grubbs’ sext-iquette faux pas here.) If you send two or three naughty notes or pervy pics in a row and get no response? You’re officially engaging in solo sext. Have some dignity, ladies! Save that saucy thought until he bounces the sext back to your court.

5. Do be bad.

Some things in life you just can’t pussyfoot around (so to speak). Sexting is one of them. If you’re going to do it, do it. This is not the time for politeness or prudishness. Torrid is the order of the day.

6. Don’t send photos.
I know, I know, some people consider dirty pics the foundation of a good sext. But while words can always be dismissed as “jokes,” naked body shots never lie. No matter how much you think you love and trust him, remember that relationships end. Phones get lost. Relationships end.

If you must send photographic evidence, sext shots that don’t feature your face. Yes, your breasts could still become the naked email of the day. But at least when they land in your boss’ inbox, they won’t have your ladylike face attached.

Final thought: I’d like to urge you all not to sext, to save sexting for the sanctity of marriage. But if you must sext, please, sext safely.

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