The Best Shapewear For You

10 pieces that will turn your silhouette from flab to fab.
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The Best Shapewear For You

10 pieces that will turn your silhouette from flab to fab.

-Faye Brennan

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe’s hush-hush weapon against clingy clothing.

It’s Hollywood’s dirty little secret. When starlets want to look picture-perfect on the red carpet, they slip on shapewear underneath their designer gowns and voila! They’ve got an instantly toned and sexy figure.

You may not have to be wary of paparazzi shooting you from every angle, but shapewear should still be a part of your wardrobe. These undergarments can do wonders for your appearance, according to Jené Luciani, bra expert and author of The Bra Book ($13.57, “Shapewear can do everything from hiding minor lumps and bumps, to balancing out a pear or an apple-shaped figure, to trimming away unwanted pounds.”

Here, Jené helps us find the best choices in shapewear for each part of your figure that may need a little improvement:

1. Problem Area: Arms
Push-up after push-up and you still have those “dreaded batwings,” as Jené calls them. They’re jiggly upper arms that can’t be tamed. Luckily, there are shapewear pieces made specifically for this problem, like this Tres Sleek: Elbow Length Sleeve Arm Shaper ($19.99, Now, “You can ‘wave’ goodbye to arm flab and create the illusion of toned arms,” says Jené. 


2. Problem Area: Torso
To lose a few inches around your torso (a difficult area to trim through workouts alone), Jené suggests wearing a shaper like Dr. Rey Shapewear: Shaping Singlet ($45, The nylon fabric is made with moisturizing aloe vera, and can be worn with any bra you already own to create a slim silhouette.


3. Problem Area: Back
Nothing ruins a great outfit like unsightly back bulge, a problem that even the skinniest of women battle. Jené says a simple solution is getting a proper-fitting bra. If that doesn’t help, “a product like Sassybax helps create a smooth line under clothes.” For the smoothest back money can buy, try Sassybax’s Torso Trim Camisole with Underwire ($75,


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