The Betty Interview: Eliza Dushku

The star of Dollhouse tells BettyConfidential all about the new season of her show and her surprise wedding!
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The Betty Interview: Eliza Dushku

The star of Dollhouse tells BettyConfidential all about the new season of her show and her surprise wedding!

-Patty Adams

Eliza Dushku

An actress’ worst nightmare is being typecast, but Eliza Dushku has no problem with her tough-as-nails Hollywood image. From her breakthrough as Missy, a bad-ass cheerleader in Bring It On, to the leather-clad slayer, Faith, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, to her current action-packed role as Echo on Fox’s Dollhouse, Eliza never plays the average girl next door. “I’m always the guy’s girl, who’s outspoken and not afraid to stand up for herself,” says the Boston-born 28-year-old. “How could you not like that label? I think I’m like that off-screen too. I’m no pushover and I’m proud of that.”

Eliza’s equally proud of her show Dollhouse, which returns for its second season on Fox tonight. Aside from being one of the show’s producers, she also plays Echo, a genetically altered woman whose memories are erased and new skills and talents are implanted in her brain, so she can become whoever the highest bidder wants her to be. “The show never gets old! ” Eliza says of the collaboration with Joss Whedon, a good friend and creator of Buffy and Angel. “Whenever I get the scripts, I’m so excited to see what I’m going to be doing, and who I’m going to become. This season is amazing, because Echo is more self-aware and three dimensional. There are so many fun storylines, too. I can’t give too much away, but by the third episode I’m married!”

See what other secrets Eliza has to reveal about all the things she can’t live without: reality TV, sexy nights in, and the one thing guaranteed to relax her.

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0 thoughts on “The Betty Interview: Eliza Dushku

  1. Candice says:

    “Go big or go home”

    This was an awesome interview. I’ve always liked her – from Buffy & Bring It On!

  2. kisskiss says:

    Not a huge fan of her.

  3. crazycatlady58 says:

    I have always liked her, she is a fantastic actress.

  4. ambernoel says:

    you know she’s mormon right? a JACK MORMON!!!

  5. Lokifan says:

    I have a ridiculously huge crush on her (though less, truly, since she lost so much weight) and think she’s such a great actress! I’m hoping to see Echo get tougher in Dollhouse; it’s been weird, though interesting, to have a main character who’s a passive cipher.

  6. MommyWoman13 says:

    I’ve always loved her, too, but my favourite show of hers is/was Tru Calling. I’ve got it on DVD and it’s held up pretty well after all this time.
    I do agree that she looked better with some meat on her bones, though. These too skinny actors have a terrible effect on teen girls the most.
    I loved her as Buffy’s foil; she was the perfect tough-girl to rattle Ms. Perfect’s cage and it worked so well. Of course, I love anything from Joss Whedon, (All Hail Firefly!! I’d love to serve under Mal!)so I might be a little biased.

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