The Mysterious Case of Katie and Suri

As Suri Cruise gets cuter and cuter, it seems like mom Katie Holmes looks more and more... blah. What's going on?
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The Mysterious Case of Katie and Suri

As Suri Cruise gets cuter and cuter, it seems like mom Katie Holmes looks more and more… blah. What’s going on?

-Faye Brennan

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise (who just turned 4 on Sunday!) is quickly becoming Hollywood’s best-dressed kid and has a closet we’d love to raid. But as of late, we can’t say the same about her famous mama, Katie Holmes. Par example

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0 thoughts on “The Mysterious Case of Katie and Suri

  1. Why is she being carried so much? She’s four. She can walk or did those heels she was wearing about six months ago do something to her feet. Just want to know.

  2. First of all, I do not see what all the fuss is over Suri – she’s not that cute, just your average little girl. Secondly, she does have legs and can walk – why can’t Katie seem to pry her off her hip. If I lugged around a 4 year old all the time, I’d be tired too. And thirdly, Katie just looks unhappy all the way around. If it was just that she needs some time to herself or some help with Suri – that is no problem, she has enough money to hire someone to watch after Suri while she takes a break. I truly just think she is unhappy in her situation.

  3. I think it’s probably easier for Katie to pick Suri up and hustle her through the paps instead of letting her walk, you know?
    but yes, Katie looks miserable!

  4. This child looks pretty pitiful most of the time as far as I’m concerned. As for Katie being tired, They have all the money in the world. They have a nanny. Come on. They both look pitiful.

  5. Suri is not that cute and I was so glad when my kids walked. So I didn’t have to carry them. Katie looks depressed and unhappy all the time. Is it because she married someone so much older then her? Who knows. She needs time to herself. Maybe she can’t hire a nanny because Tom is in fear of her having fun and he doesn’t trust her. Losers

  6. Give the women a break!! Are we or are we not all aging every day?! She is still a beautiful women. Being a mother is a difficult task, especially when a toddler is involved. So what if she is not “as beautiful” as she was 4 years ago. Are any of us more mature women? I doubt it.

  7. Give the women a break!! So what, she is not “as beautiful” as she was four years ago! Are we or are we all not aging every day? Being a mother is not an easy task, especially when a spoiled four year old is involved. She is still very pretty and I am willing to bet there are many, many women who would love to look even half as good. As far as NYCdogmommy is concerned, you do not even know her and yet you don’t like either of them?! That is so much like my entire family who hate my boyfriend. By the way,they have met him ONE time. That one time he was very gracious and kind and they have no reason to dislike him. But they choose to because they are stupid and closed minded.

  8. she designs suri’s clothes rite?…so katie is really smart then. she is dressen suri up 2 look as cute as can b while tryen 2 make herself look as unattractive as possible. its like at a fashion show, they always have this really ugly hair and makeup surrounding these beautiful clothes, so u focus on the clothes. yeh cuz thats what they need, more money.

  9. First of all, let’s give Katie a break. Real women tend to identify themselves with what they do, not so much as “who they are.” Parenting, even with a husband present, is very taxing, especially with the first child. Second, I believe that Katie carries Suri to relieve pressure on her back. Wait, I’ll explain. Look at photos where she is holding Suri’s hand. Katie is so tall, even in flats, that her back is in a painful, unnatural position when she holds the hand of her 4 year old. Carrying Suri is not only a natural, protective response of a mother, but also an alternative to the bending over to hold hands. Katie could definitely use the help of a good osteopath or myofascial pain relief specialist.

  10. I think Suri is adorable, and as for Katie always carrying her, if you had photographers hounding you and following you everywhere you’d carry your child too. As for her style, Godforbid a celebrity steps out looking like most of us busy moms every now and then, who cares! maybe she wants to blend in.

  11. Ok…so why all the fuss? She could be depressed and found dead tomorrow (think Heath Ledger) and you are talking about her clothing. So what! People where what she’s wearing everyday. Kids are cute and Suri is average cute for a 4 year. Her wardrobe is not that great…it does not look like a normal 4 year old. There are lots of wonderful cute kid shots on the web. This is stupid…as much as I am for reading and commenting.

  12. Wow Katie looks so tired and looks like she just doesn’t care. I wonder what she’s doing these days. Tom Cruise doesn’t look half as bad as she does and he’s filming. I have 2 kids and I never look that bad lol

  13. why are people talking shit on the four year old?? are you serious i’m almost sure you’ve never met the girl for all you know she’s a sweet heart. grow the fuck up.

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