The Coregasm Phenomenon

The "coregasm" is a reason to renew your gym membership!


The Coregasm?!?

Time to renew that gym membership!

-Mandy Panter

woman exercisingSometimes it seems like the media exists just to give women more things to feel inadequate about. We read stories about how we need to “have it all,” look fabulous, and rev up our sex lives by subsisting on raw foods and colonics. If you were to listen to most women’s magazines, you’d think we’re all too fat, too celibate, too lazy, too too. Is there anything we women are doing right?

But hey, at least I eat fresh fruit every morning and hit the gym a couple times a week. I can feel good about that, right? Apparently not, according to Women’s Health. Because while I’m sweating, swearing and wishing I were anywhere else, other women are actually enjoying their workouts. Enjoying them so much that they’re actually – wait for it – reaching orgasm! Because these heights are reached while exercising the lower abs, it’s called the coregasm.

“So, when a woman exercises, the release of endorphins and dopamine, which are necessary for orgasm, combined with the tension in the lower extremities, can cause the clitoral stimulation that is needed,” claims Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D., a sex therapist and the author of The Anatomy of Pleasure.

Um, what? I have certainly moaned at the gym, but it certainly wasn’t a sound indicative of pleasure. I had to see if I was the only one missing out on this hot new phenom. I called my friend Debra to see if she was having an extra-special good time at the gym. Before I could ask, she told me that she’d just lost her job. To cheer her up, I explained the coregasm. Maybe now with all that extra free time she too could be orgasming all over the Y she frequents.

“My life just sucks in every way,” she snapped. “Who are these people? These are the same women who squirt.”

So I guess that’s a no?

“I’ve taken long bus rides where I’ve practiced my Kegels for like two hours and I get maybe a twinge,” she told me, irritation still evident in her voice. Two hours of Kegels? Note to self – practice kegels on that flight tomorrow.

As neither Debra nor myself could really be called gym bunnies, I decided to investigate further. Fitness magazine assigned a presumably fit freelancer named Charity Shumway to test out the theory. Not only did she not have an orgasm, she – like me – was just tired after doing a bunch of abs works.  (Though she did add that a strong pelvic floor is key to a hot sex life.)

However, when Men’s Health editor Adam Campbell mentioned the coregasm in his blog, The Fitness Insider, he got tons of feedback from women who knew JUST what he was talking about …

“Seems on my third set of 15 reps, if I crank out a few more reps and go to 20, well, yeah, I can have an orgasm!” one wrote. “And no one notices, trust me.”

Another said it worked on a leg-lowering drill: “I have to be lying down and usually put a small towel or pillow under my lower back. I get the best ‘coregasm’ when I lower my feet close to the floor.”

Want to try it out for yourself? Women’s Health suggest a leg & core-heavy work-out (obviously) —  so some straight leg raises, side crunches and  straight-leg crunches should, er, get you in the mood.

But – there IS a caveat, according to Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., the MH Bedroom Confidential columnist:

“I would emphasize, though, that as fun as [coregasms] are, women should always maintain proper form during physical exercise so that they don’t hurt themselves and so that they get the best physical benefits from exercise. If an orgasm ‘just happens’ to occur while using good form, that may be an added bonus, but I would advise women not to pursue an orgasm at the expense of proper form. After all, they can always enjoy orgasms later on at home or in the shower.”


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0 thoughts on “The Coregasm Phenomenon

  1. I have an orgasm when I get really stressed out. I get told off at work and I bite my lip and cross my legs. At least I get something out of it.
    Never when excersising though, thats just inhuman.

  2. This happens to me!!!! I hate working out, so I always set a goal and if I reach it, I do the exercise that makes me coregasm. It is that thing that you stand up into and hold your body with your forearms/shoulders so you can extend your legs directly in front of you. I coregasm when I raise my legs from side to side.

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