Tiger's $600 Million Divorce?

It's a little more than he anticipated.

Tiger’s $600 Million Divorce?

It’s a little more than he anticipated.

-Jane Farrell

Tiger Woods

It looks as though the will-they-or-won’t-they suspense over a divorce between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren is finally coming to a head.

According to The Huffington Post, the golfer’s wife is talking “round the clock” with attorneys about divorcing Woods. We imagine that she’s not spending that amount of time and money without being determined to get as much as possible from Woods, whose repeated infidelities spawned one of the biggest scandals in recent years.

An anonymous source says that the Swedish ex-model could get between $500 and $600 million if she goes through with the breakup—and her lawyers have their way. Elin, who’s always been perceived as sensible and low-key, is said to be concerned about the financial security of the couple’s two children, especially if Woods remarries someone who would try to do the kids out of their inheritance.

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As for the prenup, when Elin and Woods married in 2004, their agreement was that Elin would get $20 million after ten years of marriage. But that was before the couple’s married life began unraveling last November. Since then, with a string of women coming forward seemingly every day to talk about their hookups with Woods, the price has gone up. Woods agreed to Elin’s demand that the agreement be rewritten—but not to the tune of $600 million. (By the way, the latest tally on the number of women who slept with Woods: a sky-high 120, according to The National Enquirer. The tabloid was the first to break the story of Woods’s involvement with Las Vegas VIP hostess Rachel Uchitel.)

Woods, sporting a new goatee, is playing this week in his first public tournament since the scandal broke. Earlier this month, he played in the private Masters tournament. Elin, who expected him to take off more time to be with his family, was reportedly angered by her husband’s return to the sport.

Maybe he’s just trying to make some extra money. (The Huffington Post)

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  1. No, not $6 million, $600 million. That is entirely too much money. Did Elin pick up a golf club and hit a golf ball? Oops, bad choice of words. Did Elin win the Masters, the Majors, the Candlestick makers tournaments? No. That amount of money is unreal. Yes, Tiger screwed up, oops, another bad choice of words, but the kids would be fine with a $5 million trust.

  2. It’s gonna be $800 million, because after taxes she wants a cool, clean $400 million, and then $100 thousand a month in alimony / child support. Anyone know Jaimee Grubbs’ telephone#? I want to do her SO BAD!

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