Top 10 Girly iPhone Apps

The top 10 best girly iPhone apps!
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Techie Betty

Top 10 Girly iPhone Apps

Did we mention … they’re girlie?

-The Betty Editors

Besides the obvious must-have apps like Facebook and Tweetie, how can you make the most out of your iPhone? Look no further than The Bettys’ top 10 list of the BEST girlie iPhone apps.

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iStylist 1. iStylist ($0.99)
Remember when you were a kid and you had that doll you could put makeup on and then her HAIR WOULD GROW? This is the modern version – only you get to play makeover with yourself instead of a scary, bodiless dolly. Wonder what you’d look like with a Posh bob or Jessica Simpson extensions? Try on over 140 different looks, including celeb styles. So fun.

2. Ms Pac Man ($5.99)
Um, hello – most fun game ever. Also great for moms who want to entertain the little poopsies (ie: keep them quiet while you’re trying to pay attention to little details like DRIVING).

3. iTarot (FREE)
Taro cards … on the GO. Need we say more? Daily Tarot cards provide “affirmation, empowerment and reveal your hidden strength.” Most fun: the Daily Love Taro card. We’ll take that with our lattes!

4. Nike Training Club (FREE)
When we have Michelle Obama’s arms setting the standard, it’s time to get serious about our workouts. The coolest thing about this app – aside from the customizability – is that you can coordinate with iPeriod friends to track each other’s progress or … dare we say it … set up a little competition? Game ON, girlfriend.

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Girly iPhone Apps

  1. This article missed out an amazing app i found recently! Its called Lookz, it is makeup tutorial videos! There such good quality! You getting free wallpapers too that are stunning! Check it out!

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