What Should Elin Woods Do Next?

Real women - and former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss - offer their advice to Tiger Woods' estranged wife.
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What Should Elin Woods Do Next?

Real women — and former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss — offer their advice to Tiger Woods’ estranged wife.

-Libby Keatinge

Elin Nordegren

When celebrity men stray, the quality of their apology heavily determines their publicly-humiliated wives’ decisions to either stay and work it out or cut their cheating hubby loose. Kobe Bryant salvaged his marriage when he gave wife Vanessa a $4 million, 8-carat diamond ring as an “I’m sorry,” after he admitted to adultery. David Letterman’s wife, Regina Lasko, appears to be standing by her man after he made an on-air apology, which she allegedly had final approval on. On Friday, scandal-ridden Tiger Woods held an intimate press conference where he claimed to be “deeply sorry” for his admitted infidelities, and promised to “make amends, and that starts by never repeating the mistakes I’ve made.” Although Tiger addressed the media, friends and family, the opinion that matters most is that of his wife and the mother of his two children, Elin Woods.

Throughout the last few months, Elin has demonstrated that she is a strong, independent woman. But with her marriage hanging in the balance, and plenty of big decisions ahead of her, we hope she has some trusted pals to turn to for advice on what her next move should be. With this in mind, we asked a bunch of real women what BFF advice they would give Elin. Should she be open to forgiveness, stick it out and see what happens, or divorce Tiger and head straight to the bank with his millions?

Take the Money and Run
Some of the women we spoke to found Tiger’s apology to be insincere and advised the sexy Swede to dump her husband, and, in the words of famous divorcee Ivana Trump, “don’t get mad, get everything.”

“I’d tell her to leave the bastard and take half,” says Rhea, a 23-year-old brand manager from New York.

Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, who has seen her share of cheating celebrity husbands, tells BettyConfidential that the Woods’ marriage doesn’t have a chance, and Elin should cash in ASAP: “He should give her everything she wants. He can always make millions again. His apology was pathetic. Staying together for the kids is never right. They don’t appear to have a real husband-wife relationship anymore.”

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Cut Your Losses
Kristine, a 30-year-old event planner from New York, feels Elin should throw in the towel, but not necessarily take Tiger for all he’s got: “Leave him. The trust in their relationship would be too hard to rebuild. Also the public humiliation is a constant reminder…This marriage would be a vicious cycle of pain and turmoil. It would be better to take this time to heal and focus on her family and the loved ones who have supported her through this difficult time.”

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28 thoughts on “What Should Elin Woods Do Next?

  1. My advice woould be to follow her heart. If she feel;s like she should stay and make a go of it, and that he really will make amends, then she should. But if in her heart she knows he can’t, she should go.
    And, um, “Spice things up and take control in the bedroom” — seriously??!

  2. How is she going to be able to trust him going forward, especially considering the volume of his wretched behavior. How could she avoid the desire to check up on his cell/texts/calendar/travel, and how is he going to feel if he truly does stick to his vows while she still mistrusts him. I guess too bad for him, he made his bed and now he has to lie in it. Good thing is SHE doesn’t have to.

  3. Let’s just pretend for a moment that Tiger’s public apology was actually sincere, I still say she should leave the cheating dirt bag. How in the hell could you be intimate at all with your husband knowing he cheated on you with at least 12 women? And these weren’t even “quality” women, not than any woman who cheats with a married man is quality, but they’re not all porn stars and escorts either. If she even entertains the idea of getting back with Tiger, she deserves no respect from anyone.

  4. Let's just pretend for a moment that Tiger's public apology was actually sincere, I still say she should leave the cheating dirt bag. How in the hell could you be intimate at all with your husband knowing he cheated on you with at least 12 women? And these weren't even "quality" women, not than any woman who cheats with a married man is quality, but they're not all porn stars and escorts either. If she even entertains the idea of getting back with Tiger, she deserves no respect from anyone.

  5. Conversations about Elin fail to consider that she has been traumatized. Any woman who discovers her husband has been cheating, compulsively watches pornography or pays for sex has to go through a process in order to heal. Hopefully, she is seeking counseling from an expert in dealing with spouses of sexual addicts. A recent study by Dr. Barbara Steffens showed that 70% of the women partners of sex addicts were suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). The trauma has to be addressed before healing can take place. Dr. Steffens, PhD, LPCC, and Marsha Means, MA, have written a book that is receiving very positive feedback from the counseling community and partners. It’s called “Your Sexually Addicted Spouse: How Partners Can Cope and Heal” (New Horizon Press). One of the other mantras in this book is that no woman should go through this alone. Unfortunately, millions do.

  6. Ivana Trump is right; Erin should get everything she can and then get out and go home. Men who habitually cheat habitually cheat for life. Woods likes trashy women, and Erin will find herself with STDs or even AIDS, if she hasn’t already.

  7. My best friend’s husband did exact same thing, he got csught, they went to catholic prist, kinda confessed, cried together – and now they love each other madly and are crazy about two young kids, they attend every child’s sports event, support in the family is amaxing, what a wonderful and very happy and new life thye have, get over it you greedy arse women.
    Tiger can do it! Yes, despite what you loosers have to say – love overcomes hate – At the end of the day, I’m so sorry you have such lonely and sad lives that you simply cannot comprehend this scenario being plausible! Tiger & Elin sitting in a tree k i s s i n g now that thought must make you all really feel ill, such sad human beings, and to quote such low life’s a Ivanna Trump and Heidi Hussy, get over it…half of you can’t even spell Elin’s name correctly, move on you numbnuts!

  8. If I were Elin, I would take the divorce. It’s the best for the kids, and for Elin herself. Tiger’s lame apology seems scripted and fake. I mean, how can she trust him after ALL the women his been dating and cheating? If she continues to be with Tiger, their relationship doesn’t deserve to be mentioned on t.v! I have a gag reflex just talking about tiger!

  9. I find it very interesting the most of the previous comments were mostly about money ! Is that all a marriage amounts to? Wel, not really.
    Elin should work this out between she an Tiger and not the media or the public. It’s no ones business except theirs.
    It is well know that there are thousands of women available that will hit the bed in a flat second if they think they will benefit financially. Those women who have “stepped” forward did so for one reason in hopes of getting money from a wealthy celeberty. The slut that hired Gloria Alred was one of the first in line with her hand out for money.
    Yep, Tiger strayed but he and Elin should work it out if they wish privately. Keep the money angle out of it. Leave the ho’s with nothing.

  10. I gag because it reminds me Samson and Delia, it’s the misuse of power and sex by women does in the men every time, since the beginning of time. Damn snakes. Why not publically cane few of the skanky whorees on Main Street USA aka the Quakers in order to set an example for us church going christian folk. They are evil Sinners, yet they go untouched by TV, newspapers, journalists, basically all of the media and the churches. What we need are a few Zealous preachers to track them down, setup in front of their homes and damn their Wicked souls to HELL!!!!!

  11. I say don’t do anything yet. She needs to pick up the pieces and figure what is right for her. Trust is a hard thing to get back, however it can be earned back, with a lot of work on his part and the will to forgive on her part. If she is not able to trust again, then she will need to leave. She needs to take the time to figure out what is best for her and the kids. They say when part of a couple dies that you should not make any major changes in your life for a year. I would have to compare this to a death. She needs to let the dust fall or his head what ever the case is before she makes any major changes. Here is another lesson for all people, don’t put yourself in the situation where you might be able to cheat that way you know you won’t cheat. Tiger does need to grow up and for his kids I hope he does it fast. Real men don’t cheat … who cares what real men eat.

  12. I’ve sen her photo shoot, she’s no angel, come on! She is beautiful filly either fully clothed and in the bare, she has the essentials to rock any man on earth, what a prize. He will do whatever it takes to hold onto her. As far as keeping your self out of harms way way, you live on the road, in lavish hotels, have a publically known face, absolutely knock-out great body, fabulous looks, a hugemongeous ego, and a net worth of $500 million, it ain’t that easy baby to be choir boy.. Cigarettes, Whisky and Wild Wild Women every where you go…Maybe a “Preacher” would have a decent chance to suceeed, maybe not, let’s bring Tammy Faye into the fray. There you go!

  13. Sex addiction is like any other addiction. If he really wants to quit and truly admits he has a problem (to himself, not the press) there might be some hope that he can succeed.

    However… in his position, I’m sure there will always be some women throwing themselves in his path. So the temptation will be strong.

    If I were Elin, and I still loved the man, I’d take a very long time to decide and watch his actions carefully. Addictions can be overcome by most, but it’s very hard for some people. There are others who never can. Only time will tell.

    And I’d sure want regular STD tests. She’s going to come out ahead no matter what she does.

  14. Blackirish, at least someone agrees with me. There have been many instances where marriages have survived infidelity and the couples became happier than they were prior to the problem. Love is a many splendid thing. Contrary to popular belief, a divorce is not necessairly best for the kids.

  15. Personally speaking ;
    It is no-ones Business other than Elin’s / Tiger’s ,
    Children are far better raised by both Birth Parents .
    End insecurity – Psychodynamic psychodrama caused by Media , who have no idea what Love is .
    Advise from those with Totally no Personal Involvement in the Lives of the Woods’ Family / Brings ” Tar and Feather ” run them out on a rail Done to the Media to My thoughts .
    Let She / He who is Without Sin throw the first stone , Hehe .

  16. It’s just to sad to think that all Tiger thinks he has to do is make a Formal Apology! There is never a “Good” reason for staying for the sake of the kids. What if later in life the children figured out that their Mother stayed and was unhappy? Wouldn’t they blame themselves for years of Agony? I say, cut your losses and gain some ASSETS!Start over with those Beautiful children,and get a Man who will “Love ” only you!

  17. If my memory proves correct ;
    Some of the words / in a marriage Declaration ;
    For Better or for Worse ,
    Till Death do Us Part .
    it will Remain their Family Business / Money does knot buy Love

  18. I think she should leave him. If it was just one women, maybe it would work out for the marriage, but for God’s sake, it was over 20 different women. What a sleeze. Elin is too good for him. She is so beautiful, she could any man she wanted. One who would treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

  19. I think Maggie in the article summed it up best. She should allow herself some time to heal before making a decision one way or the other. Whatever her decision is no one has the right to judge her. Hopefully everyone will leave her alone.

  20. WHO gives a damn about the money?! It isn’t about money its about LOVE! Women who goes for the money are gold diggers. Women like Elin isn’t like that she loves Tiger but she had her heart broken. I agree I wouldn’t forgive Tiger for awhile but I would give him ONE last chance to prove himself in any way. YOU guys don’t have the right to say that Elin should leave Tiger and take his money but at the same time, Elin shouldn’t stay for the kids. BUT DAMN yall gotta BACK OFF

  21. BearShamrock0914 i think you’re the one that needs to calm down and back off. no one else is using big huge capital letters and everyone on here has the right to say whatever they want to because thats the advice they’d give. and not everyone who goes for money in a in their devorice is a gold digger they probably just want to take something that will make the man hurt and we all know how men like their money.

  22. Elin, My suggestion is stay friends with Tiger but leave him on an intimacy level for a good amount of time to test his commitment. You must acknowledge your self esteem, pain, and allow yourself to heal without the routine of daily life with Tiger. Set the ground rules, boundaries, exactly so there is no question of what is expected. History consistently repeats itself, no matter what the category or situation. Promises are good intentions, however, good intentions without true actions to back them up and commitment never materialize in the direction of successful outcomes. Never feel guilty if your final decision is to protect your heart. Even the Bible states that separation/divorce from a man that cannot commit himself to the marriage bed, and has been proved to cheat, is not judged negatively on the non cheating spouse. I would suggest a period of true independence from the situation until healing and absolute trustworthiness is established. Good luck on this journey, it hurts, and what ever decisions you make, quickly is not the route to happiness.

    God Bless,

  23. Don’t people get sick and tired of hounding the couple to see if they are still living apart or living together ? Pls…even if they are living apart doesn;t mean they don’t have physical relationship…On the contary, even if they live in same roof does not mean they have a physical relationship… Let them sort things out either remain or not remain in marriage… I think people are more interested to see how Tiger Woods come back in sports because people just love the story of heroic comeback of once-a-bad-guy…
    Stephanie Mcnealy

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