Ack! Kim Kardashian, Mayor of Glendale?!… Maybe Not (Thank Goodness!)

Kim Kardashian apparently wants to run for Mayor of Glendale< CA-but it's unlikely that she'll actually get there. Here's why.

Ack! Kim Kardashian, Mayor of Glendale?!… Maybe Not (Thank Goodness!)

Kim Kardashian apparently wants to run for Mayor of Glendale< CA—but it’s unlikely that she’ll actually get there. Here’s why.

-Lucia Peters

Kim Kardashian

I know, I know: I’m pretty horrified by the idea of a Kardashian in politics, too, but before we all freak out, rest assured that it’s pretty unlikely it will actually happen—though possibly not for the reason(s) that you think.

An unaired clip from this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians—er, I mean Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami—no, wait, it’s Kourtney and Kim Take New York—erm, The Kardashians on Mars?—aha! Khloe and Lamar! That’s the one!— has just surfaced in which Kim reveals her political ambitions. Featuring Kim and Khloe driving around Dallas, the clip has them pass by the Ross Perot Museum, prompting Kim to say that she’s decided to run for Mayor of Glendale. She’s apparently already picked a campaign manager (I have no idea who “Noel” or “Noelle” is, but maybe those of you who follow the Kardashians do); however, according to her plan, it won’t happen for another five years or so. She’s still looking into all the requirements, which naturally include having full residency there for a certain amount of time—because of course exactly what Kim Kardashian needs is yet another McMansion.

Why Glendale? Because, as Kim so blithely puts it, it’s “Armenian Town.” One of the smaller cities surrounding L.A., Glendale is home to one of the largest Armenian communities outside of Armenia itself. Since the Kardashian family has Armenian roots, Kim is apparently banking on having every single Glendale-dwelling Armenian cast their vote for her.

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But, um, Kim? There’s a little bit of a problem here that you might have overlooked. According to the L.A.-based blog Franklin Avenue via The Hollywood Reporter, you can’t actually “run” for mayor in Glendale. Tropico Station’s Scott Lowe explained the whole deal to Franklin Avenue:

“Sadly for Kim Kardashian, there is actually no public election for ‘Mayor of Glendale’ since Glendale has a council-manager government. To be mayor in Glendale, she’d need to win a seat on the city council for four years, making 30K a year to sit through endless meetings on sign ordinances and water rates and a bunch of other unglamorous stuff. The mayor is then selected from the existing council members for a one-year term.”

In light of this, a couple of things come to mind: 1) Would Kim actually be able to land a position on the city council? Something tells me no. 2) Even if she did, would she be able to KEEP the job? Again, a little voice at the back of my mind says probably not. My guess is that she’d either get fired, or else quit out of boredom and lack of glamour. The bottom line is that Kim has never shown herself to be the proverbial sharpest tool in the metaphorical shed; not has she ever expressed an interest in things like sign ordinances and water rates. She’s incredibly unsuited for a job that would focus on these issues, and I suspect that the people of Glendale know this as well.

So relax, everyone—while she COULD still technically become Mayor of Glendale eventually, it’s pretty unlikely that she will. Thank goodness for that!

For the curious, here’s the clip; if you REALLY want to witness Kim’s “brainstorming,” go right ahead:

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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