Anything but a Dress

One woman seeks advice about what to wear to a party.


Dressy without the Dress

Dear Fashionista411: I have a party night planned for the middle of winter. All the pretty little dresses are great, but I don’t like showing off my legs. What other dressy alternatives are out there for a little size 10?

Fashionista411: There are tons of great party night options out besides dresses. Try a fabulous pair of wide leg pants with a puff sleeve top for a chic alternative. Or, if you do want to wear a dress, opaque tights look great with dresses and keep your legs warm in the dead of winter!

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Your Fashionista411, Dawn

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0 thoughts on “Anything but a Dress

  1. Puff sleeves are on their way out, and I think they were too childish for grown women, anyway. Over the years I’ve managed to find a number of long (ankle-length) dresses that aren’t super-fancy, just everyday dresses that go all the way down, and I recommend them. They hide figure flaws, they keep you warmer than shorter dresses, etc. What I’d like to see is a return to long sleeves. I think the 3/4 (actually, they’re about 2/3) length sleeves do the same as the mid-shin dresses — cut right into the prettiest curves of your extremities.
    The wide-leg pants are a great idea — I’d pair them with a pirate shirt, big billowy sleeves cuffed tight at the wrist and a wide-open collar.

  2. Speaking of out of style, can models and actresses PLEASE stop posing pigeon toed? It’s such an immature pose and throws their posture off in an unattractive way. I hope this silly trend ends soon, because it’s so not cute for an adult woman to try to look childish.

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