10 Best American Idol Moments

We've compiled the game-changing performances and people who have made 8 seasons of American Idol great.
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10 Best American Idol Moments

We’ve compiled the game-changing performances and people who have made 8 seasons of American Idol great.

-Megan Lynn

American Idol

How do we love thee, American Idol? Let us count the ways. In honor of the show’s ninth season premiere tonight (like you didn’t know) we’re taking a look back at the 10 best performances and contestants the Idol stage has ever seen. Here they are, in somewhat chronological order:

Kelly Wins Season 1
OK, let’s hear it: “Duh!” But before you judge, consider that at the time, despite killer ratings, the legitimacy of the show was still in danger without a serious winner. A winner who could sing the crap out of everything from “Natural Woman” to “Stuff Like That There.” A winner who could not only survive From Justin 2 Kelly, but somehow emerge from it as pop’s biggest star. A winner whose name didn’t rhyme with Shmustin Shmaurini.

Plus – when Kells gets choked up while belting out her victory single, “A Moment Like This”? It still gets us. Sniffle.

Ruben vs. Clay
TV loves an odd couple, and Idol is no exception. But the show’s now-long tradition of almost-comically mismatched finalists (Fantasia and Diana, Carrie and Bo, Taylor and Katharine, David and David) started back in Season 2, when Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken faced off. Not only did it beget a string of memorable performances as the gifted men one-upped each other week after week, it also put America’s disparate tastes on display, in a most entertaining fashion. With the benefit of hindsight it gets even wackier, right?

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  1. You don’t have to be the best to win american idol…you havent heard anything from Ruben, Fantasia is on broadway, the newest idol hasn’t been heard from…kelly clarkson and carrie underwood were the most successful idols..and jennifer hudson didn’t even come in third and she won an oscar…so this year i’m just looking for entertainment..ellen will be great tho!

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