10 Best Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

Put your best face forward with the gentlest of ingredients.
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10 Best Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

Put your best face forward with the gentlest of ingredients.

-Charu Suri

Courteney Cox

To celebrate Earth Month, this article is the fourth in a series of six eco-friendly pieces that will be running in BettyConfidential.

When you think of eco-friendly or organic cosmetics, do you think of smelly products that don’t last or look good? Those days have changed!  Josie Maran, a model turned actress, created a line of  chic eco-friendly cosmetics that has garnered a lot of celeb love! Courteney Cox , known for her luminoud skin, is one of 8 celebs who’ve just designed co-friendly lipsticks for Cargo Cosmetics Planet Love collection. Courtney’s is CeCe. In honor of Earth Month, we’ve found some great eco-friendly makeup finds that we just had to share!

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NVEY foundation

1. NVEY Organic Crème Deluxe foundation ($58, Sephora.com). A harmonious blend of safflower, jojoba and castor oil makes this foundation smooth, creamy yet deliciously full-coverage. The foundation is free from parabens, sulfates and the other usual suspects synthetics.

Alison Raffaele concealer

2. Alison Raffaele’s true concealer ($23, allisonrafaelle.com). Your raccoon eyes are officially history. This powerful concealer is talc and paraben free and does its job beautifully with three antioxidants in its creamy formula. There’s a shade for every skin tone; it dries down beautifully to a powder-like finish.

Josie Maran powder

3.  Josie Maran pressed powder ($30, josiemaran.com). Josie Maran – model turned actress turned eco-entrepreneur. Her natural line of skin care and cosmetics has earned raves since it first appeared. Her pressed powder was created to work with all complexions- it’s sheer and will lightly set your cosmetics. The formula is paraben and fragrance -free. And the compact is made from bio-degradable ingredients.


eye shadow

4. Shimmer waves eye shadow ($22, thebodyshop-usa.com). Made with Community Trade marual oil from Namibia, this quad will repair skin’s moisture barrier while making your eyes stand out in a good way.

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0 thoughts on “10 Best Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

  1. I always use earth friendly products for my face. My personal favorite mascara is 100% Pure. The blue one is made from blueberries and the black one is made with black tea.

  2. Courteney Cox has beautiful skin. She always did since Friends and even younger. I watch Cougar Town and I do notice some changes in her lips though. I mean she’s gorgeous, but let’s face it, every actress worth her salt and who wants to stay in the biz does get a little something done. I’m pretty sure she had her lips done and had either botox or Juvederm. But a very small and very good job. Not sure what she’s done, but she’s definitely had some work done. She doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face. When you’re in your 40’s that’s next to impossible. She looks fantastic! She has, as usual, a great shape and she looks wonderful. Most people with money can afford the best products as well. She endorses “Kinerase” skin products and believe me they are fantastic!! You can get them at Sephora or Ulta. Love, love, love the products. They are fantastic. I actually got carded after so long when I was wearing the moisturizer, seriously, I have nothing to gain by lying about this. I was thrilled to say the least. I’m not 100, I’m in my 30’s, but it felt great. No doubt this stuff works. It’s my version of Creme De La Mer. That stuff is so utterly expensive I treat myself to the serum and the face cream maybe once a year because the price is just outrageous! Kinerase isn’t that cheap either. Their best product that makes your skin just glow is the Celex C product. You put that on before you put the moisturizer on and it’s just fabulous! $95.00 is not cheap though. So I use it very sparingly. But sunscreen daily.. so that’s a given. If we’re really hurting for money, and let’s face it, the economy sucks, Neutrogena and Olay and Garnier has fantastic products. They can be bought at Target and if you need something in a flash and you’re broke, either way, they’re great products. Have tried them all and they are great.

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