10 Best Halloween Movies

Get yourself in the mood for a fright night with these scary film classics.
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The Omen

6. The Omen. Forget the remake, have you seen this original lately? The one that stars Gregory Peck? Because it’s one of the first movies to show the antichrist as a human in the present day, not to mention a seemingly harmless little boy. Really, really, REALLY frikkin’ scary.

The Fly

5.The Fly. The only remake on this list, it’s written and directed by the genius that is David Cronenberg, and stars Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis (who would actually marry each other after they shot this, go figure), and was the single scariest movie of our teenage years. Seriously, we watched this through our fingers, which is why we included this controversial choice on the list and bumped the more popular Poltergeist. (Interestingly, not as tough a choice for us as you might think.)


4. Alien. In space, no one can hear you scream. But in the theater… oh, yeah. It might get loud.

Friday the 13th

3. Friday the 13th. Little known fact, Jason Voorhees doesn’t actually make his first appearance until the sequel. Doesn’t make this movie any less scary, but we think it’s an important distinction to make.

The Exorcist

2. The Exorcist. Not just scary, not just ground-breaking, not just a tour de force of writing, directing, acting and production, but also one of the very best films of the entire 1970s. Brought horror into the mainstream like no other movie before or since.


1. Halloween Yeah, like we were really going to top this list with anything else.


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