10 Best Moments on '30 Rock'

As '30 Rock' returns for a new season, we look back at some of the funniest scenes on the hit show
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5. Liz meets Oprah. Kind of. Oprah plays herself on an airplane flight with Liz (Tina Fey), who happens to be drugged out of her gourd because she’s afraid of flying. When “Oprah” shows up the next day to solve a fight between Jenna and Tracy, well, you’d be surprised how easily some problems are solved.

4. Jack takes a job with the government. Fulfilling a lifelong dream doesn’t shape up quite as well as Jack expected. Especially with that, um, “incident” in the top-secret bunker, which he says he will never discuss.

3. Jack decides he can write. We kinda wish we could write like that, coming up with the punch lines first …

Alec Baldwin on '30 Rock'

2. The Donaghy men brawl. Watching Nathan Lane square off with Jack for a brother-on-brother fight with poorly named fists and a look of pathetic fury on his face is one of the funniest moments on TV in the last several years. Topped on this show only by …

1. Jack impersonates Tracy’s whole family.
Who knew Alec Baldwin could do such spot-on impressions? And to think, he was thisclose to pulling out his Howard Cossell!

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