10 Best (and Worst) Celebrity Kids

Here are some second-generation celebrity kids who have come out on top, and others who have crashed and burned.
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10 Best (and Worst) Celebrity Kids

While it’s too early to tell whether Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Levi McConaughey will end up as Oscar winners, humanitarians or nude bongo-players, here are some second-generation celebrity kids who have come out on top, and others who have crashed and burned.

-Neil Turitz

Gwyneth Paltrow

Ask the child of a celebrity what it’s like growing up as the child of a celebrity, and you’re bound to get the standard answer, “Not sure what you mean. It’s the only way I know.” This is a fair response, but even the most cynical child of privilege has to know that it’s not what most people would call normal. Though, judging by the way some people handle being the progeny of famous folk, normal is as normal does. We present our list of the 10 Best (and Worst) Celebrity Kids.

Again, and as always, we’re certain that some of you will be appalled at the actresses we will have left out and the choices with which you just don’t agree, but that’s what they made comments sections for. And so, without further ado …

Rumer Willis

10. Rumer Willis
The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis does a pretty good job standing on her own two feet. She even got a job at a shop in L.A. to support herself while she was trying to get acting work. Of course, with a pedigree like hers, Rumer might, possibly, be getting a bit of a fairer shake than the standard Hollywood ingénue. Still, her most recent film, Sorority Row, hardly set the box office on fire, so maybe the 21-year-old still has a thing or two to learn from her Die Hard dad on picking winners.

Kate Hudson

9. Kate Hudson
The daughter of Goldie Hawn might be as famous these days just for being famous, since it could be argued that her last truly good performance (and truly good film, for that matter), was one of her first: Almost Famous. That was in 2000, by the way. Now, the 30-year-old seems to be best known for dating Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez, but we have high hopes for her upcoming musical Nine (out on November 25).

Bryce Dallas Howard

8. Bryce Dallas Howard
The jury is still out on how great an actress she is, but she does work. A lot. She’s even scored a role in the third Twilight film, Eclipse, replacing Rachelle Lefevre. And now Bryce, 28, is branching out into being a producer, having Imagine Entertainment (her father Ron’s company) buy a script called Restless, written by a college friend of hers.



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