10 Cheap Back to School Treats for Mommies

10 Cheap Back to School Treats for Mommies
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10 Cheap Back to School Treats for Mommies

Why should kids have all the fun? Reward yourself with some treats after all that hard back to school shopping work!

-April Daniels Hussar


As much as I’m trying to deny it, fall is just around the corner. Already the days are shorter and shorter, there’s a collective feeling of must-soak-up-this-sun at the town pool and – much to my horror – my grocery store started displaying kitschy decorative scarecrows about two weeks ago. (WHY? WHY?)

Of course, for mommies, with fall comes … back to school … and with back to school comes … BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING! I actually love this activity, but it can be a little tiring, to say the least. Especially when you leave it all to the last minute, like some people (me). So put a spring in your step with a few little treats for mama and remember … you may not be actually sitting in the classroom, but you’re going back to school too!



While you’re there picking up a new lunchbox or backpack for little poopsie, treat yourself with some fabu Tarjay treats:

1. Obviously a necessity for drop-off and pick-up: Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in nude (or, if you’re feeling frisky, in sassy peach). I love all things Soap and Glory, but this little item is the line’s crown jewel. Gives your lips a tingling boost and a subtle but notched-up gloss. Plus … hello … it’s called SEXY MOTHERPUCKER. ($9.99, target.com)

Target sunglasses

2. You do know Target sunglasses have a bit of a cult following, don’t you? Here’s a chic pair to hide those tired eyes and lend an air of glam to your routine. Hollywood Intuition Sunglasses in black. (14.99, target.com)

3. Of course, what makes the morning routine even better is … a good night. That means something different to different people (hubba hubba), but whether you’re looking for zzzz’s or mmmm’s … isn’t it about time you ditched that ratty old tee-shirt? Target’s Nick and Nora line is pretty cute (or maybe I just love the name), and so is anything Xhilaration. Par example, the Xhilaration Knit Tank & Short Set in “navy sketchy” costs a whopping $7.00 (marked down from $12.99). Yeah, it’s not Agent Provocateur, but it’ll do the trick. ($7, target.com)

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  1. this list should be attached to every back-to-school list for kids out there. It could be like supply list and oh look a list to make Mommy happy as well. haha

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