10 Hottest Hollywood Sweethearts

From Jake Gyllenhall to Ryan Gosling, these guys have brains, brawn and a whole lot more!
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10 Hottest Hollywood Sweethearts

From Jake Gyllenhall to Ryan Gosling, these guys have brains, brawn and a whole lot more!

-Carolyn French

Ryan Reynolds

It’s no secret that women tend to find Mr. Wrong incredibly attractive, though as many of you agreed in a recent BettyConfidential poll “bad boys are fun for a night, but that’s it.” We couldn’t agree more – AND we’re sick of hearing about cheating jerks in the news (aren’t you?!), so we decided to put together a list of the top 10 sweeties of Tinseltown. Let’s hear it for the good guys!

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

Reese Witherspoon’s ex has been described as being a “natural” with kids by his sis Maggie –an automatic in with just about every gal under the sun. During his time with the Legally Blonde beauty, Jake was frequently photographed rubbing his girlfriend’s shoulders or hanging on her every word, and he played the role of doting stepparent to a T. Although the relationship eventually fizzled, Jake gave women everywhere a reason to swoon … and to keep swooning.

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Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Song & dance man Hugh Jackman is more than just a great entertainer (and Oscars host!), he’s also a fantastic father and a flawless husband. “I have a terrific marriage, but unlike a lot of relationships where they ebb and flow, no matter what happens you fall deeper and deeper in love every day,” Hugh has said of his 14-year marriage to Deborra-Lee Furness. “It’s kind of the best thing that can happen to you. It’s thrilling.” Is it any wonder the majority of our loyal readers think of Hugh as the ideal leading man? And if after watching the shower scene in Australia, you STILL need a reason … he possesses the ability to serenade you in Madarin.

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0 thoughts on “10 Hottest Hollywood Sweethearts

  1. Candice says:

    Ryan Gosling

  2. Ann13 says:

    Channing Tatum! Step Up was on TV last night, so I have to vote for him!

  3. FBNYC says:

    Wow… these happen to be all of my top favorite men in Hollywood… I must have a thing for nice guys!

  4. kitty says:

    Hooray for good guys! I’m so sick of nasty Tiger, Jesse, et al. These guys get my vote any day of the week. Especially Hugh Jackma … hi Hugh! xo!

  5. jessica03 says:

    Jake gyllenhaal!

  6. KathrynH says:

    I can’t get enough jake!

  7. phantomspots says:

    @FBNYC: I concur and adore every hottie on this list. Jake, Ryan and Hugh FTW, though! ;)

  8. clasifyd1 says:

    Aww love these men! Team Jacob, Channing, & Ryan all the way tho!

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