10 Rules for Dating a Reality TV Star

The top 10 rules for dating a reality TV star.
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10 Rules for Dating a Reality TV Star

How to find and date a reality star – from a girl who knows

-Laurel House

Mathue JohnsonReality stars seem to be the newest celebrity-type making women swoon. They are a perfect combo of a regular (albeit generally successful, talented and attractive) Joe off the street and an actor. You get to know them on TV, the most interesting components of their character exposed for all to see. And, unlike actors, you know you are pretty much getting the real thing (except of course for creative editing). The show essentially cuts through the first date “getting to know each other” awkward conversation for you. Except for the fact that they don’t know a thing about you … yet.

So if you want to date a reality star, read these tips from someone who has dated two: a fantastically cocky chef on a foodie show, and a sweet but not so innocent Bachelorette boy … me.

1. Google is a great way to get the initial goods and track them down. Use the info you collected from the show: name, hometown, occupation. This should be enough to help you find their company (if they have one) Web site and contact info.

Wes Hayden 2. Facebook is another way to find them, but it’s utilized more by the masses and throngs of female fans and should be used, for your purposes, as a last resort. If they actually respond to a Facebook e-mail, it’s usually just a boilerplate reply (since they literally can receive hundreds of e-mails a day). Facebook is best used as a way to find out what events they will be attending, and I don’t mean that in a crazy stalker way.

3. Seek out the Marketing Savvy. Your best bet for an actual relationship (as opposed to a fling) is seeking out the “star” who obviously has a successful career and wasn’t just on the show for ego-driven purposes. The truly savvy 15-minute celebrity is using his on-screen opportunity as a marketing tool, not mere bragging rights. For example: Jesse Kovacs (the winemaker from California) and Wes Hayden (the controversial country crooner from Texas). Sure they were kicked off of ABC’s The Bachelorette, but they won in the sense that every ounce of media attention is being parlayed into press for their careers. And the best example of the bunch: Andrew Firestone, who actually was a bachelor. Sure, his TV love fizzled, but his wine business skyrocketed.

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