10 Steps to Becoming Michelle Obama

This one's for you J. Simp! And to all the other women (or men) out there that idolize our First Lady.
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10 Steps to Becoming Michelle Obama

This one’s for you J. Simp! And to all the other women (or men) out there that idolize our First Lady.

-Sarah Polonsky

Michelle Obama

When Jessica Simpson told People magazine that she really wants to be Michelle Obama, Mean Betty poked a little fun at the notion. It is her job to be a meanie, after all. However, poptart Simpson actually described what so many of us feel about the First Lady: “She’s such an incredible woman. Everything she does exudes confidence. I am really here to celebrate her.”

We all want to be more like Michelle. Here’s some easy ways to do it.

Step 1. Wear a Cardigan.
Michelle played it casual when she met the Queen of England sans a formal suit. She instead, wore a fun and sparkly J. Crew sweater. We don’t think the Queen was bothered, but then again, her demeanor never seems to change much.

Step 2. Give that goofy looking nerd in your office a chance; he may end up the President.
When Michelle first met Barack she was not interested. In fact, she thought he had a big nose and a funny name. She even turned him down the first few times he asked her out. Good thing she changed her mind!

Step 3. Just Say No to pantyhose.
Michelle describes them as painful, and we agree. Let your legs be free… free at last, free at last!

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Step 4. Buy some candles at Pottery Barn.
Just because Michelle moved into the historic White House, didn’t prevent her from sprucing up the joint a bit. In fact, we hear she did a little decorating via Pottery Barn. A few mirrors and candles strewn artfully across the Oval Office probably made the room far more Feng Shui for the Prez.

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0 thoughts on “10 Steps to Becoming Michelle Obama

  1. oh my, how commendable! i love how it’s broken down here, the wonderful things she does. there are probably so many more great things about her, but really, she is just amazing! LOVE HER!

  2. It’s great to have such a REAL, relateable woman in the White House. Doesn’t hurt that she’s young and has kids, of course, but she just seems like someone you could sit down and have a great conversation with.

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