10 Things I Miss About My Ex-Boyfriends

Looking back, the men I dated weren't that bad.
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10 Things I Miss About My Ex-Boyfriends

Looking back, the men I dated weren’t that bad.

-Carrie Seim

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Single. That’s been the proverbial box I’ve checked for most of my life. So it shouldn’t be so hard for me to go back to marking that little X. But after a breakup, the X can feel like a scarlet letter.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I’m feeling great relief and freedom in my new singlehood. (New haircut? Check. New sexy unmentionables? Check! New date for next week? Check!!!) In all seriousness, I know I’m moving past a flood of tears and moving toward more happiness, energy, growth, challenges and love in my life.

Still. There are things I miss. About him and about the men I’ve dated in the past. Little things, mostly, that I will cherish that much more when they come from my next gentleman caller. I’m calling it my Miss List.

Make no mistake – I don’t believe in looking backwards for too long. I’m a Destiny’s Child-worthy independent woman. A feminist who’s flown around the world by her lonesome. Someone who tries to create happiness in her life instead of waiting for some silly boy to bring it to her. (Not that those silly boys haven’t brought me a great deal of giddiness once in awhile!)

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It’s not as though I won’t be able to carry on without the items on my Miss List. In fact, I think that list might just help clarify what I want in my next relationship. And yes, I’ve decided there’s definitely going to be a next relationship. My “no one will ever love me” wallow didn’t last very long this time. The water was just too cold.

So, without further ado and with absolutely no wallowing, I now present…

My Miss List: A compilation inspired by all the men I loved before!

10. Wearing his cologne when I invariably forgot to pack my perfume on trips.

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