10 Things You Didn't Know about Leonardo DiCaprio

We've uncovered some interesting facts about the star of Shutter Island: He's determined to get married, save the world and take some time off to watch his beloved Jersey Shore!
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3. He’s always been a performer.

Leonardo DiCaprio on Growing Pains

“The earliest memory I have of myself as a child is me with this strange, almost sickening desire to perform,” reveals Leo, who landed an agent at 14, guested on TV’s Growing Pains a couple of years later, was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape at 19 and became a heartthrob all over the world when he won Kate Winslet’s heart in Titanic at 23. “The earliest memory I have is me at some hippie concert with my dad and the band hadn’t come on. So he scooted me on stage. I don’t know how old I was, probably 3 or so, and I got up there and tap-danced for hundreds of people. I want to please this mass audience.”

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14 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn't Know about Leonardo DiCaprio

  1. I don’t care if he’s hot or not or whether he’s a mama’s boy, he’s a brilliant actor. He’s not the type to play the same role over and over again. Blood diamonds, Aviator, The Departed — all such great performances.

  2. @girleegirl see I think it’s the other way around. As he is gettingolder he is getting better. He looked like such a baby for so long now he looks like a man. I love it! Don’t get me wrong I think he was freaking amazingly hot in Romeo and Juliet but him in The Departed was just as good if not better.

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