10 Things You Didn't Know About Michael Buble

With his third album, Crazy Love, topping the charts, we uncover some little-known-facts about the smooth crooner.
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Buble

With his third album, Crazy Love, topping the charts, we uncover some little-known facts about the smooth crooner.

-Faye Brennan

Michael Buble

There’s something about Michael Buble’s voice – a little bit Dean Martin with a lot of Frank Sinatra – that has us dreaming of candlelit dinners, romantic walks in the sunset and lavish weddings. Sometimes, when we’re alone, we let Michael’s voice drift throughout our house for an entire day – on repeat. And just as we were sure grooves were starting to develop on our CD from overuse, the 34-year-old has swooped in to rescue us with 16 new tracks on his just-released third album, Crazy Love.

We know he has a voice as smooth as chocolate, but what else do we know about the Canadian-born crooner? Well, for one thing, Michael used to sing in cigar bars and on cruise ships before he made it big. You didn’t know that? Well, read on to find out more about our generation’s “Swoonatra.”

1. He used to be a fisherman
At 14, Michael joined his father, a salmon and herring fisherman, on his vessels as a crewman in his hometown of Burnaby, British Columbia. He spent six years working on the ships as they voyaged to Alaska, calling it ““The most deadly physical work I’ll ever know in my lifetime.” Luckily for us, Michael spent his idle time on deck listening to cassette tapes his grandfather gave him featuring Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles.

2. He used to deliver singing telegrams
One of Michael’s first singing gigs was in Vancouver singing telegrams. He told the Vancouver Sun of one experience in particular when he had to sing “Happy Birthday”: “I got there, knelt down beside the girl and went, ‘Happy birthday to you…’ and her husband said, ‘Louder.’ And I went, ‘Happy birthday to you…’ and he went, ‘Louder, man.’ He just pooped on me in front of all these people. And he wouldn’t pay me. I walked out. I was dejected.”

3. He has dual Italian-Canadian citizenship
His last name (pronounced boo-blay) is actually Italian. One half of his family hails from Northern Italy, the other from Villa Santa Lucia. So, even though he identifies himself as Canadian, he’s also very much Italian, as he proved while on the Rachael Ray show:

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