10 Things You Never Knew About Robert Pattinson

Think you know everything about the New Moon hunk? Think again.
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10 Things You Never Knew About Robert Pattinson

Think you know everything about the New Moon hunk? Think again.

-Louise Barile

Robert Pattinson

The New Moon heartthrob has fans salivating over his every move, but he still has secrets he’s been hiding — until now.

1. He wanted to grow up to be Jay-Z
On one of his first trips to New York, Rob visited the Brooklyn projects where Jay-Z grew up.  “When I was 14, I fronted a rap trio,” Rob told The New York Times. His claims his group was “pretty hard-core for three private school kids from suburban London.”

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2. He says he doesn’t think about his hair — ever.
Robert PattinsonRob’s messy, longish hair has become his trademark, but he claims he puts almost no effort into it. “I’ve never really had a specific look in mind. It is what it is,” he told Fandango.com. “It’s so funny, a friend of mine from London came over and said, “Why is everyone going on about your hair all the time?” Everyone has hair like that in London.”

3. He insists he’s a freak.
“I’m unbearably self-conscious about stuff,” he told Vanity Fair, adding that he thinks he looks like “a cartoon character” and that one of his legs is shorter than the other, which makes him look “like an idiot.”

4. He’s also a bit of a slob.
Robert PattinsonA writer who came to Rob’s hotel room at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel describes it as “littered today with beer bottles, old scrambled eggs, a half-eaten Twix bar, and a dirty pair of jeans on the living-room floor” and an unmade bed.

Rob in Twilight5. He stole his Twilight costume — and wears it regularly.
“I wear the same clothes every single day,” he confessed to Vanity Fair. Rob proved it was true when he was caught in the same dark T-shirt and jeans that were part of his Edward costume at an appearance on MTV. “That’s really embarrassing!” he admitted. “I don’t have any new clothes, so I just took my Twilight costume at the end.”






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  1. I love Robert, too….for some weird reason. But I second the vote for more Taylor articles, because he is so adorable and at the same time, so HOT! Team Jacob! (don’t care if it is the losing team…) :-)

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