10 Beauty Tricks To Keep You Flawless Looking 'Till Spring

How to keep that glow going, no matter what the weather will be like.
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10 Beauty Tricks To Keep You Flawless Looking ‘Till Spring

How to keep that glow going, no matter what the weather will be like.

-Jenny Beres

 woman in winter

Let’s be real with each other. This part of winter sucks. Hair, skin and nails tend to flake out faster than a Real Housewife- thanks to frigid temperatures and dryer air. The mood sinks- cab drivers are no longer humming holiday tunes- but gladly dropping us off into puddles of slush. We go through just as much hand lotion- as our uncle Vinny goes through vino- and it’s only February.

 I sat down with beauty expert, and owner of the Southern Roots Salon, Lindsey Mills, of Sarasota, Florida, who gave me some helpful and inexpensive tips on how to shine like the middle of May, in the dead center of winter.

1. Get low

“One thing I tell my clients” says Mills “is to trade highlights in for lowlights. Lowlights automatically give a softer, more natural look in the winter- a time when uncolored hair would be at its darkest, because of the lack of sun exposure.”

 2. Combat static

“Gloss treatments add a layer of shine to the hair- which helps keep static away,” claims Mills. This clear treatment not only adds a silky sheen- but volume too!

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 3. Leave it in

According to Mills “hair gets so dry because the air around us dries out. After every shampoo, use a leave in conditioner.” Here’s one that she recommends, “Versatility by Mantra ($16.50, hairoptionsalon.com). It’s light-weight, non-greasy and also acts as a de-tangler.”

mantra versatility conditioner

4. Curled gurl

“For curly girls,” Mills suggests to “use a serum to combat the extra frizz.” One that we like- Garnier Fructis Haircare weightless leave-in anti-frizz serum, sleek & shine ($5.03, drugstore.com).


garnier fructis weightless leave-on anti frizz serum

5. Play dirty

“Go a day between shampoos. This gives a chance for the scalps natural oils to coat the hair providing moisture and shine.”

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11 thoughts on “10 Beauty Tricks To Keep You Flawless Looking 'Till Spring

  1. Great tips. Best moisturiser is vaseline. Melt alittle in you hand and dab over wet skin. I learned this from a 96 year old patient of mine with skin like a baby!

  2. Oh, man! BC – you totally forgot three of the smartest, best ideas to keeping skin fresh and healthy, not to mention glowing.

    1: EXFOLIATE. After thoroughly cleansing skin with a gentle cleanser, exfoliate to remove dead skin cell buildup that can dull skin and hold in bacteria, creating redness, irritation or even breakouts (yes, it happens more when your skin is dry and flaky!). I can’t live without Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate, simply because it’s gentle enough to use twice a week at 7500 feet above sea level and has natural botanicals that make me glowy and dewy. :)

    2: MOISTURIZE!!!! Especially after exfoliating, having a moisture barrier is the most essential part of skincare — it nourishes and protects your skin, helping your skin regenerate healthy skin cells and produce collagen. Drinking enough water is also part of moisturizing; it flushes toxins from your body and heals skin from the dermis, the layer underneath your main skin layer. For a daily moisture boost, I love Kate Somerville’s Quench serum, which I apply after my toner and before moisturizer and sunscreen.

    3. SUNSCREEN. Wear it. Wrinkles are gross and you’re skin needs protection, even in the winter… In fact, the reflection off of snow is almost triple what it can be from water. Google snow blindness if you doubt me. Also, stop tanning.

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