10 Celebs We Wish We Were Friends With in 2010

Jennifer Aniston, Lea Michele, Jon Hamm - we would've had so much to talk about with these famous faces had we been friends this year.
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Lea Michele

We felt like we really bonded with Lea Michele when we interviewed her earlier this year – she is such a sweetheart. It’s no wonder that we kind of pretend we’re real-life buds when we’re singing along with her on Glee. If we were actually close, we’d be the first ones at her house with a bottle of champagne to congratulate her on her recent Golden Globe nom!

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7. John Krasinski

John Krasinski

Too bad we’re not friends with John Krasinski – his wedding ceremony to Emily Blunt in July looked like an unforgettable affair. The two were wed in a private ceremony in Lake Como, Italy and spent the reception partying on the Conchordia Yacht. And yes, George Clooney was there… so where was our invite, John?

6. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

We can’t get over the natural gorgeousness of this buxom beauty. Every time we watch Modern Family, we stare in jealousy at that beautiful face and bod. If we were tight with Sofia, maybe her sexiness would rub off on us? Wishful thinking!

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0 thoughts on “10 Celebs We Wish We Were Friends With in 2010

  1. Great call on Sofia Vergara. She is so hilarious on Modern Family. And she seems like the kind of astonishingly-beautiful would just inspire appreciation and awe and not an unhealthy jealousy.

  2. I’d roll with…this is hard. Maybe Kate Hudson b/c she has such a sunny personality and Emily Blunt & Hubby seem pretty cool. George, definitely George Clooney so I could hang in Lake Como to keep an eye out on his pad for him. 😀 And can I pick a designer like Valentino or Lagerfeld to have amazing clothes designed just for moi! Tres chic!

  3. No to Conan.
    Yes to Sandra Bullock. She held it together during her husband’s scandal….it was not her scandal…..and yes I’d have been that friend of her’s to take the baseball bat and beat the hell out of Jesse’s motorcycle.

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