10 Celebs We Wish We Were Friends With in 2010

Jennifer Aniston, Lea Michele, Jon Hamm - we would've had so much to talk about with these famous faces had we been friends this year.
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Taylor Momsen

Especially during the holidays, we wish we could be friends with Taylor Momsen. When How the Grinch Stole Christmas is on TV, we think, “What happened to adorable little Cindy Lou Who?” Now she smudges her face with black eyeliner, she’s been suspended from the set of Gossip Girl, and she wears stripper heels on stage when performing with her band, Pretty Reckless. If we were her friend this year, we would’ve tried to give her the support and guidance she needed to steer clear of the teenage angst phase.

4. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

We wish we could’ve been there for LiLo like we could’ve been there for Taylor, but Lindsay’s is a much more extreme case. For starters, the girl doesn’t have that many stand-up girlfriends, and her parents are certifiably nutso. If we were the one loud voice of reason in her life, perhaps she could’ve avoided jail, rehab, losing her job, and being the butt of every joke this year.

3. Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch

How cool would it be to hang out with the Sue Sylvester? The woman was on fire this year: not only did she get married in June, but she also won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, and is nominated again for a Golden Globe. We’d just love the chance to help her rehearse her lines for Glee – she’d make us laugh till it hurt.

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0 thoughts on “10 Celebs We Wish We Were Friends With in 2010

  1. Great call on Sofia Vergara. She is so hilarious on Modern Family. And she seems like the kind of astonishingly-beautiful would just inspire appreciation and awe and not an unhealthy jealousy.

  2. I’d roll with…this is hard. Maybe Kate Hudson b/c she has such a sunny personality and Emily Blunt & Hubby seem pretty cool. George, definitely George Clooney so I could hang in Lake Como to keep an eye out on his pad for him. 😀 And can I pick a designer like Valentino or Lagerfeld to have amazing clothes designed just for moi! Tres chic!

  3. No to Conan.
    Yes to Sandra Bullock. She held it together during her husband’s scandal….it was not her scandal…..and yes I’d have been that friend of her’s to take the baseball bat and beat the hell out of Jesse’s motorcycle.

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