10 Chic Beach Cover-Ups

Beach Blanket Bingo! Stay under wraps in these stylish pieces.
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10 Chic Beach Cover-Ups

Beach Blanket Bingo! Stay under wraps in these stylish pieces.

-Erin Donnelly

Kate Hudson

It’s one thing to flaunt your bod in a revealing swimsuit from the comfort of your beach towel. But traipse around all day in your barely there bikini? I don’t think so. A fab cover-up or caftan, however, can help you keep your bits and bobs under wraps while working as a stylish transition piece for your post-beach antics.

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Heck—some of these cover-ups are so cute, like the one Kate Hudson‘s wearing, that all you need is a quick towelling off and some heels before you hit the town! Read on for our 10 favorite picks.

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0 thoughts on “10 Chic Beach Cover-Ups

  1. booksorclothes says:

    Cool article. This is much better than throwing on a long tee.

  2. shopaholic says:

    Love the J. Crew dress- heck I’d wear it to lunch.

  3. Yay heels says:

    $515 for a beach cover-up?? I just choked on my morning coffee.

  4. booksorclothes says:

    Oh, I like the one from Roxy.

  5. NYCdogmommy says:

    Not digging the poncho at all. Eew.

  6. jessica03 says:

    all so cute!

  7. hicynth says:

    omg the melissa odabash is gorge!

  8. FFlotus says:

    ummm… these are ALL super pricey. check out @loveofdresses or other sites for cheaper options editors.

  9. bambooeater says:

    Pretty (when her bubbies were real …)
    A natural summery bag that would go great with this cover-up: http://www.revealshop.com/products/boho-chic-balloon-bag

    cute right?

  10. DallasShopperGal says:

    Cute cover-ups, but a tad pricey for most.

  11. dessie81 says:

    ugh, the poncho… far from sexy. It even makes the model look bad.

  12. bestwicklesscandles says:

    I like #1 or #7 depending whether it is during the day or in the evening at a pool party.

  13. deanak317 says:

    These are all great coverups but a little pricey for my budget! But I’m sure I can find something similar that is cheaper – this is a good article to get style ideas from and see how something might look!

  14. cheyannejo says:

    Super cute! I got a great one from Macys this year, its hot pink and i love it!

  15. Yay heels says:

    Some aren’t pricey, the one from Roxy is not a bad price at all.

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