10 Fun Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

As the World Cup came to a close last weekend we pay tribute to our favorite footie player of the year.
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10 Fun Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

As the World Cup came to a close last weekend we pay tribute to our favorite footie player of the year.

-Jess Zaino

Cristiano Ronaldo

The World Cup is finito! And while Spain may have taken the final prize, there is one player from Portugal whom we’d like to score on all day. Cristiano Ronaldo is possibly the world’s sexiest man. Not only is he a globally respected soccer player, named 2008 World Player of the Year, this smokin’ hot stud is the highest paid footballer in the world—and with good reason. He is incredibly hot.

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He’s the complete package with a love of babies, respect for his family, taut abs and glistening biceps. At 25 years of age, this ripe Portuguese fruit stands at 6’1” and takes his dedication to family seriously. So seriously in fact, that he recently announced on July 3 of this year, that he became a father to a baby boy with an unidentified American woman. This American woman, who may or may not be me, has given full custody of the boy to Christiano, adding single father to his roster of sexual achievements. So what other secrets does this Papi have up his sleeve?

Here are ten things you should know about hottie player, Cristiano Ronaldo:

1. Name

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronald Reagan

His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. The name Ronaldo was inspired by Cristiano’s father’s favorite actor and US President, Ronald Reagan.

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0 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. uptowngirl says:

    He’s really hot, but definitely not my favorite.

  2. hope_xo says:

    Yeah he’s hot, but he’s too cocky — it brings his hotness level down.

  3. mothermeryl says:

    Ssssssmokin’!!! On the other hand, he likes Ronald Reagan.

  4. danggirl says:

    Ok the whole baby thing is just way too weird.

  5. CityLady212 says:

    Woo Wee he his so hot, i need a bib.

    PS- he doesn’t like Ronald Reagan- we has named for him.

  6. Brneyedgrl1432 says:

    Jeesh – he could do better than Kim! Unless he’s just out for a fun one-nighter!

  7. girleegirl says:

    His model gf is so gorgeous.. how could he even think of cheaitng with the skanky kardashian?

  8. blondeelicious says:

    SOOOO sexy… honestly I would love to get f*cked by him (and his model gf) ;) However, sex without a condom is never sexy! Bleh…

  9. karin says:

    He used a serogate for the baby. That screams he’s gay just like the rumors have said. This is Ricky Martin all over again. He also just had what looked like an intimate dinner with Lance Bass.

  10. lovesbetty says:

    He’s def gay but he’s hot and maybe he plays for both teams.

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