10 Fun Facts About Liza Minnelli

With 'Confessions' being released today, we are celebrating the milestones of the charming and talented Liza May Minnelli.
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10 Fun Facts About Liza Minnelli

With the release of her new album ‘Confessions,’  we are celebrating the milestones of the charming and talented Liza May Minnelli.

-Carolyn French

Liza Minnelli

At 64, triple threat Liza Minnelli continues to dazzle with her uncanny ability to hold an audience in the palm of her hand. Multiple operations, including intensive work on her vocal cords, have done nothing to weaken her flair.

Younger generations continue to flock to her, and The Liza Collection for HSN– which debuted in June – is still selling like hot cakes (we love the Sequin Boyfriend Blazer!).

Liza is such a trooper that she recorded her new album Confessions, out September 21, while recovering from back surgery. If that isn’t impressive we don’t know what is!

“It just sort of happened,” Minnelli said of the album earlier this year. “I used to have these evenings at my house, usually on a weekend, and people like Tony Bennett — or more surprising people like Janet Jackson — would come by, and we would end up singing around the piano.”

Those lovely evenings inspired Liza to get back in the studio, and with that we bring you 10 interesting factoids about the singing and dancing sensation…

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9 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts About Liza Minnelli

  1. Oh, HELL YES, I DO!! All my life, people have stopped me on the street and told me that I looked just like Liza with blonde hair. One of my best friends who shall remain nameless herein (lol) is a famous Hollywood makeup artist (gay, of course) who got his start doing Liza in drag in Houston. I have many pictures of he and Liza together, and she even thinks we look alike! In addition to resembling each other in looks, our lives have paralleled in so many other ways………both of us have four failed marriages (uugghh), similar health problems, and we both have sworn off men and marriage (for now, that is). We are nearly the same age and I still get the double-takes when at charity events for AIDS. I have people who “friend request” me on Facebook because of the resemblance. All the above notwithstanding, she is one of the most talented, beloved stars on the stage and silver screen. I still love to play “New York, New York” and the theme song from “Cabaret” when I’m alone and feeling down – you girls tell me – WHO DOESN’T GET UP AND KICK UP HER HEELS WHEN WE HEAR LIZA SING THOSE SONGS? “Arthur” remains one of my very favorite movies. I’m just happy that she hasn’t let life, men and illnesses beat her down because I haven’t either! I can’t wait to get the new CD!! I LOVE MISS LIZA WITH A ‘Z’!!” XOXO to all my Mean Betty Girls!!

  2. To be fair, the song w/ the Pet Shop Boys featured here was written by Stephen Sondheim, from the musical “Follies.” Perhaps another song from the album would’ve been a better example?

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