10 Fun Facts About Sandra Bullock

The Oscar winner whom the world can't get enough of has even more to her than you thought!
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10 Fun Facts About Sandra Bullock

The Oscar winner whom the world can’t get enough of has even more to her than you thought!

-Sarah Polonsky

Sandra Bullock

It seems like the entire nation has jumped on the Sandra Bullock bandwagon. Ever since the actress won her very first Oscar in March—only to find out weeks later her husband Jesse James was cheating on her—the entertainment news circuit has been buzzing about Sandra everyday since. The woman has catapulted to an infamous status at a cost no one should have to pay.

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With a recently adopted New Orleans-born baby, Louis Bardo, and the world on her side Sandra has already come out on top and better than ever before. Her standing ovation at the MTV Awards and the crowd’s inability to pipe down made one thing perfectly clear—Sandy is the newest America’s sweetheart.

Here are 10 fun facts about Sandra Bullock!

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0 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts About Sandra Bullock

  1. Does anyone else think that just maybe Jesse James and Sandra arranged this whole thing to boost her fame and we’ve all been duped by the greatest PR stunt ever?

  2. who knows what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood? I bet a lot of us would be surprised. But I think this would be a way too elaborate PR stunt, though her marraige w/him has mystified me since the beginning.

  3. Fellow Betties: Why would Sandra need a PR stunt when she just won an Oscar and is at the height of her career? People save PR stunts for when everyone is not paying attention anymore – seriously. I absolutely adore her and am glad she is doing well.

  4. I think her winning an Oscar is a big enough PR stunt w/o needing a cheating husband…and when was she NOT famous post-Speed?

    She is amazing because she is seemingly normal, because she does not allow the media into her private life and because she adopted a baby from the US, where there are plenty of orphans w/o the need to go abroad (though I feel for those kids too). Bless her.

  5. Just read when 9/11 happened ‘she ran to Ground Zero from a nearby hotel she was staying at’….she is just amazing…really, how many famous, rich people would do that?

  6. Oh def PR stunt!! The woman has only made 30+ movies, won an academy award, donated MILLIONS to charities, lives a remarkable life in Hollywood by being drug, alcohol, and drama free! So she decides AFTER winning an Academy award to start drama for publicity. Kudos Sandy! Nice move on adopting an orphan for publicity sake !!

    Seriously, there should be a IQ test taken before being allowed to post a comment. Small minded people can be so stupid. Go read about Paris and the KardASSians and leave Sandy alone.

  7. Sandra picked a loser with biker Jesse. He screws a tatooed slut like Bombshell McGee and was married to a former porn actress. It just shows his level of character and taste. How he got Sandra is a real mystery – It was a mismatch from the start.

  8. ‘Stunt suggestion poster’… PR stunt you little instigator is what Michelle BS McGee did. I can hardly wait to see what becomes of her, because no deed goes unrewarded. Muah-ha-ha-ha….

  9. Its a shame how “good girls” always end up on the bad end of the stick. She is a great and beautiful woman and she has found a new man in her life that will make her forget all her troubles–her baby! hey did you know that she worked in an icecream parlor while attending ECU?

  10. She is so multi-talented and beautiful and no one should judge her. She did nothing wrong. She is an amazing person and don’t be judgmental. Some of us have went through the same thing she has and it is difficult. Let her have her peace.

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