10 Hottest Movie Sex Scenes Ever!

Some of the most outrageous romps in cinematic history? Yes please!
7 / 10

7. Ghost: Messy Encounter


Who knew a potter’s wheel could be so erotic when taken out of the high school art room? Sexy shorthaired Demi Moore showed a bare-chested Patrick Swayze how to mold clay and mold her in this messy 1990 classic. A shout-out could also go to the love scene between Sam and Molly that takes place after his death—with Whoopi Goldberg as the medium between them giving new meaning to the term “threesome.”

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17 thoughts on “10 Hottest Movie Sex Scenes Ever!

  1. lovesbetty says:

    I want to watch these movies and not leave my bedroom for three days.

  2. uptowngirl says:

    @lovesbetty: LOL. Um, Ghost. Enough said.

  3. sugarpie says:

    Monster’s Ball. Hot.

  4. danggirl says:

    Loved “Secretary!”. LOL now I have to rent all these movies…

  5. girleegirl says:

    The Original Sin sex scene was the hottest thing ever!

  6. shamrockblonde says:

    Gone With the Wind and Ghost – sometimes less really is better – and these stars really sparked with each other – it was something you did not need to see in order to feel –

  7. CityLady212 says:

    I wish the Twilight scene actually showed them all in the buff gettin’ freaky!

  8. Ladynwaitn says:

    What about the movie Unfaithful? May not be Diane Lane and Richard Gere’s best movie but man those sex scenes were WAY steamy…

  9. roylj says:

    What about the beach scene in “From Here to Eternity”?

  10. JackBQuik says:

    OK, maybe it’s something wrong with me but From Here to Eternity, Ghose and a coupla others do not belong on the Hottest Movie Sex Scenes if there was no sex involved. 9 1/2 weeks, for sure, Original Sin, for sure burt what about Dennis Quaid & Ellen Barkin in the Big Easy where he is running his hand up under her skirt; what about To Live and Die in LA where Bill Petersen loooks like he is about to enter Darlanne and she has her legs up; and oh my goodness, what about Patrick Swayze in Road House where he does it standing up. Now, that is hot.

  11. festivelady826 says:

    I’m with shamrockblonde on this one……….Gone With the Wind and Ghost love scenes are the best! We don’t need to see the actual act, and in these two cases we know what happened anyway………..

  12. kakirita says:

    Three others missingare:
    1. The Piano- (early 1990′s) when Holly Hunter( a mute, piano teacher, unwed mother turned male order bride), and Harvey Keitel( friend and associate of her new husband), finally roll around naked after he can catch a look of her arms, then neck, then ewtc.for the price of a piano key. This progresses to the all together in New Zealand, 1880′s. This is the film that Anna Paquin about nine years old wins Oscar best supporting actress; she plays Hunter’s daughter. The Piano was nominated for Best pic, director and best actress for Holly Hunter.
    2. Bound- sensuous love scene between Gina Gershon & Jennifer Tilly.
    3. Don’t Look Now- (1970′s), scintilating moments that will raise your temperature between Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland ) yes, that Sutherland, Kiefer;s Daddy)

  13. Ang says:

    Don't forget about Basic instinct…

  14. Flanges says:

    A nice collection there.

  15. Jane says:

    There is a difference between sensuous and idiotically vulgar, so the filmmakers should never forget that even their kids are going to watch out the hot stuff, and get tender minds can easily distracted.
    Anyway, can someone help me to know from where to buy courseworks affordably?

  16. Indeed a nice one there. Seems a good collection.

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