10 Little Known Facts About Lindsay Lohan

With LiLo gearing up for prison we thought it time you learn the few things left out there you didn't know about her.
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10 Little Known Facts About Lindsay Lohan

LiLo’s gearing up for prison so we gathered some facts to remember her with while she’s gone.

-Shari Goldhagen

Lindsay Lohan

With Lindsay Lohan about to star in her latest role of “Jailbird” it’s hard to remember that the 24-year-old train wreck got her start in family friendly remakes like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday in the late ’90s.

Most recently she’s been grabbing headlines for over-partying, her SCRAM bracelet, screaming matches with on-again-off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson, and of course getting sentenced to 90 days (give or take) in prison.

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We thought we’d give her a proper sendoff to the slammer with this list of 10 things you might not know about the Mean Girls star.

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0 thoughts on “10 Little Known Facts About Lindsay Lohan

  1. The subtitle to this article is just genius. Pure genius. On another note, imagine if she went the other direction? She might’ve been bigger than all the Twilight stars combined.

  2. As children we are all good children. When parents get there children into a position that they are not ready for…then the child feels like they never had a childhood. Just maybe that is LiLo… Could any of you think what it must have been like her as a kid going to all these shoots. When she probably just wanted to be a normal little girl and play with her friends. Then it seems like fame went to her head. Then she fell and instead of someone being there to help show her how to pick up the pieces she went from a fall to a crash into an addiction it seems. There are lots of musicians and actors/actress that get themselves messed up like this. The only way jail and rehab will fix her is if she wants to be fixed! We should be a support for LiLo rather then a slam! She will need all the encouragement to get back on her feet and come out shining. Like what Marilyn Monroe really meant in her quote!

  3. Lindsey has worked more hours than a retired person of 62 yoa.She is actually ready for retirement at 24.With all these movies,singing career and commmercials when did she have time to be educated and time to play as a child?Her parents used her as a cash cow and did all her thinking for her and are still trying to control her and live off her.

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