10 Most Salacious Celeb Sex Scandals Ever!

From Lady Gaga's penis whispers to Tiger Woods' MANY sexual slip-ups, here are ten scandals we'll never forget.
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8. John Edwards Love Child

John Edwards

John Edwards cheated on his cancer-stricken wife with Rielle Hunter, which is pretty much the most disgusting thing we’ve ever heard of. He gets bonus scandal points for producing a baby with her and trying to cover it up. Extra bonus points for this story almost landing The National Enquirer its first Pulitzer.

9. Sandra Bullock Wins Oscar, Loses Husband

Sandra Bullock

It felt like mere moments after Sandra Bullock finished her acceptance speech for Best Actress for her role in The Blind Side that photos of a tattoo-laden Michelle “Bombshell” McGee were stealing her spotlight. It turned out Sandra’s ex-hubby Jesse James had been helping himself to full exposure of her vagina tattoo. More women Jesse cheated with came forward naturally a la Tiger Woods.

10. Eliot Spitzer’s Prostitute

Eliot Spitzer

What is it about politics that makes us want to pay for sex? It must be the mark Eliot Spitzer left on the world after it came out that he had seven or eight sexual liaisons with prostitutes over six months costing over $15,000. The New York governor resigned from his post and has been living quietly in shame ever since, which teaches us all to think before we hump.

Sarah Polonsky is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “10 Most Salacious Celeb Sex Scandals Ever!

  1. If people can’t handle monogamy, they really shouldn’t marry. If they marry and can’t stay faithful, then get a divorce before you start tramping around. Half these people wouldn’t be on this lovely list if they left a marriage they weren’t ‘satisfied’ with.

  2. Lady Gaga is so unbelieveable. How can anyone even get a good laugh out of her and her antics ?
    The movie In My Shoes appears to be one of the kind I could get very wrapped up in.

  3. Amazing how people make up things. Gaga does and says things that keeps her in the spotlight…and none of them true, hell give ME the questions and I’ll interview her because I don’t drink, or use drugs or put up with any girly or star struck b.s.

    “Ok penis or no penis???” “Let’s go back to when you were Stephanie Germanatta” and “If you are a ‘recovering drug addict’ as you’ve said, how is it that you’re drinking beer at ball games and being obnoxious?” It’s all about the questions she doesn’t want asked. That’s why she got that guy drunk.

    The rest of them is all about the power and fame game. “I am I can therefore I will” I think that some of the tapes and pictures are starting to “leak” because it keeps people in the spotlight too. But hey…feel free. We’re sexual creatures some are just more famous than others.

  4. I love how CNN hired that dumb ass! I am done watching them! How pathetic? Are you kidding me ugly Eliot Spitzer now getting paid for air time? Just like the dumb ass from the Christian coalition ….ralph…. Yelp ralph, ralph! Bad for you fox and CNN! He is a crook!

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