10 Movies to Help You Survive a Breakup

From action films to romantic comedies, we've got you covered for all your post-breakup movie needs.
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Meet the Parents

Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro and Owen Wilson are all at the top of their game in this funny film. Each awkward scene begets more comedy than the last, and it won’t be hard to laugh away your post-breakup blues. To top it off, by the end of the film you’ll be grateful for your single status – at least you won’t have to endure dinners with hellish in-laws anytime soon!

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17 thoughts on “10 Movies to Help You Survive a Breakup

  1. Fashionista says:

    The First Wives Club is a definite. But Love Actually? I think that would make me even MORE upset after a breakup… everybody in that movie finds love, and in very romantic ways. It would totally bum me out.

  2. CityLady212 says:

    I agree Fashionista, Love Actually makes you want love even more. I think if I watched that post break up, I’d jump off the roof!

  3. FBNYC says:

    Any romantic comedy makes me so sad to watch after a breakup… like WHY? Why couldn’t that have been us? I’d much rather watch a comedy, like The Hangover, and just not even think about relationships for a little bit.

  4. lovesbetty says:

    Miss Congeniality also ends with Sandra hooking up in the end!!!! come on if we’re going to watch something after a break up there can be no love!

  5. kitty says:

    KILL BILL! LOL — that’s perfect.

  6. lemoned says:

    I’d watch Iron Man…no romance movies for me!

  7. girleegirl says:

    Sex and the City over and over and over again.

  8. hope_xo says:

    No lovey dovey movies after a breakup! COMEDY! Definitely :)

  9. Fashionista says:

    Oh wait, what about movies like John Tucker Must Die… those are good!

  10. cremebrulee67 says:

    I must confess — I am a 42 year old woman and one of my favorite movies is “Mean Girls.” Shhhhhhh – don’t tell anybody, lol.

  11. singingnymph says:

    9 To 5 is still a favorite of mine.

  12. jessica03 says:

    It’s funny, cause after a breakup, I would usually watch a sad movie like the notebook or what not. ha!

  13. Pie94 says:

    i just got dumped via email :( but none of these movies are a pick me up….any other sugestions?

  14. sugarpie says:

    You forgot Thelma and Louise! And G.I. Jane! Get hardcore, ladies!

  15. bmarie says:

    One more that’s great to watch is “Valentine’s Day.” It reminds you that not everyone is having blissful, perfect relationships. There are also two fantastic scenes: Eric Dane, shirtless (no explanation needed) and when Jennifer Garner pulverizes a pinata after finding out her bf was married.

  16. 5 htp says:

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