10 Must-Have Beauty Products For Winter

Keep your skin summer soft, even when it's minus degrees outside.
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10 Must-Have Beauty Products For Winter

Keep your skin summer soft, even when it’s minus degrees outside.

-Brittany Roshelle Davis

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With drier skin and hair, you may have noticed you’re beginning to look slightly frozen. Tis the season to wage a war on winter and keep yourself looking and feeling kissbly soft. The key here is to moisturize every part of your body. Whether you’re a die-hard beauty fan or someone who likes to keep it low-key, this list of simple, budget friendly products is right up your alley.

1. Body Lotion
Be very afraid…winter will suck the moisture right out of your skin. This thick, body cream is just what you need to keep your skin soft. Bath & Body Works brown sugar and fig body cream ($10.50, bathandbodyworks.com).

bath and bdy works

2. Moisturizing shower gel
If you’re not a fan of applying lotion daily, try Olay’s quench in-shower body lotion ($12.52, amazon.com). Just like conditioner for hair, you rub it on and rinse it off in the shower.

olay body wash

3. Nail Care
Keep your nails from cracking by simply applying a layer of cuticle oil to them before you go to bed. Sally Hansen cuticle oil ($5.59, ulta.com).

cuticle oil

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4. Soft healthy lips
LipLicious is the ultimate lip product for winter. While its moisture will keep your lips comfortable for hours, it has an amazing line of colors that puts most lipsticks to shame. Check out LipLicious in Black Cherry ($5, bathandbodyworks.com).

 lip balm

5. Face moisturizer
While most face lotions can leave your face feeling greasy, Vanicream is feather light. ($8.60, lovelyskin.com).


A hair conditioner that really works, up next!

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  1. I love these products! I found Vanicream lotions at Walgreens! I haven’t tried the conditioner you suggest yet but it sounds good. I read somewhere that we shouldn’t spend more than 60 seconds rinsing out conditioner in the shower because we don’t want to wash out all the product as it will cancel out the benefits of the conditioner.

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