10 Romantic Movies to Get You Pumped for Valentine's Day

Curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and prepare to be swept away by these fabulous love stories!
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7. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally

Admit it: The first thought that comes to mind upon picturing When Harry Met Sally is the notorious fauxgasm scene. It was a hot topic of conversation back in 1989, and it still is today! Although Meg Ryan tickled our funny bone (to the point of exhaustion) with that award worthy screamer, we will never forget the part where Billy Crystal recites a list of everything he adores about his best friend.

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6. Say Anything

Say Anything

John Cusack is just one of those guys who will forever reside in the Studs We LOVE to Love hall of fame. His movies are always good (though Hot Tub Time Machine is surely debatable) and the nervous yet totally confident way he carries himself is sexy as heck. There isn’t a lady out there who wouldn’t put the unforgettable boombox scene from Say Anything up there on her list of most romantic moments ever.

5. Crazy/Beautiful


A year after shaking her pom poms and wiggling her flawless derriere in Bring It On, Kirsten Dunst surprised both her critics and loyal fans by falling head over heels for gorgeous Latino bookworm Carlos (Jay Hernandez) in the culture clash drama Crazy/Beautiful. The film is romantic, gritty, and is sure to conjure up treasured memories of your first love.

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