10 Scariest Movies Ever!

You loved this article so we're bringing it back just in time for Halloween.
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10 Scariest Movies Ever!

You loved this article so we’re bringing it back just in time for Halloween.

-Shari Goldhagen

The Last Exorcism

Halloween is coming this weekend! Here are some of creepiest and most terifying flicks to get you in the mood. 

And to start you off right check out this hair-raising clip from Paranormal Activity 2….

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0 thoughts on “10 Scariest Movies Ever!

  1. In my mind, Halloween should have been in this list (the original one) and Silence of the Lambs should be taken off. It’s mostly a thriller, as is The Shining and Jaws. “Let the Right One In” is an absolutely fabulous horror movie….be brave and rent the Scandinavian one with the subtitles. It’s so worth it and I’m sure is MUCH better than the new American version just like “Death at a Funeral”.

  2. Saw The Last Exorcism, not scary at all, plot was interesting then got a little too convluted at the end…most of the scary parts were shown in the trailer. I love scary movies and one of the best and completely underrated is The Descent about some girlfriends who go cave diving and bad things happen. Excellent movie!

  3. Most of the movies on here do qualify..I’ll still watch Aliens. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is more gross than scary to me but almost all of the new horror movies are filmed like this, kinda gory.

  4. I agree, there is a difference between scary and gory. I am a horror film fanatic, but the ones that scare me the most are zombie movies. OMG. I can’t watch one without having nightmares.

  5. There’s a couple on the list I have never, nor will ever, watch. I think the “Birds” was a good old scary movie but didn’t make the list. But the Blair Witch Project? Really? That was so dumb. Didn’t see it at the theater, like I never do, so the day the DVD came out I went out and paid like 23 bucks for it and felt it a big waste of money. It is sitting with my collection of DVD’s and will probably never even look at it again.

  6. I’ve seen most of the mentioned movies, I wouldn’t call Silence of the Lambs a “scary” movie, more like someone said above, it’s a thriller (a darn good one I might add). Halloween should have definitely been on the list as well as the original Friday the 13th. Haven’t seen any of those demonic exorcism ones, I don’t do demonic but I do like the slashers.

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